Sao Paolo, Brazil –  Lea T, the famous Brazilian model, is in the midst of a sex change transition.
The former Leandro Cerezo, the 28-year-old child of former soccer star Toninho Cerezo, is undergoing sexual reassignment surgery.  She is the star of Givenchy’s new fall ad campaign, and now an official supermodel.
Megan Fox, the American model and actress (who is still a man), has strongly advised Lea against having the operation. “I have been living happily as a man my whole life  I’ve been working steadily and even got married recently to a wonderful guy. I don’t know why she would change to a woman.  What’s the point?”
Lea  has been undergoing the alteration for several years. Many transgender people have found their way into the world of fashion, but according to Laverne Cox of VH1’s ‘Transform Me,’ Lea T is the first supermodel to make it onto the world stage.
Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima, two other Brazilian supermodels who have modeled for Givenchy, fully support Lea.  “I used to date Leo when we did fashion shows together. And Tom and I are now considering inviting Lea over after the operation – just for a night of fun.” WWN asked Tom Brady to comment and he simply said, “Blue 54. Blue 54. Hut.”
Leo lived as a man in Rio, where she was a top model for many years.  But now she has moved to Sao Paolo where she is living as a woman.  With the new contract with Givenchy and a big international ad campaign, Lea will soon be known all around the globe.  There’s a new hit song in Brazil entitled, “The Girl From Ipanema Used To Be Guy.”
Lea is also posing nude in this month’s French Vogue.  Her flowing hair tickles her new breasts, and Lea has one hand wrapped around her narrow waist and the other barely covering her genitals — which have not been surgically altered. It’s magic.
Megan Fox has flown to Brazil to try to have Lea T stop the sexual reassignment surgery. “This means a lot to me.  I don’t think men should undergo this dangerous transformation.  You can live happily as a man in a woman’s world of fashion.”
Megan Fox is starting a “Save Leo” campaign.
Here’s a few more pictures of Lea.  What do you think he should do?

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  1. Megan is right! "You can live happily as a man in a woman’s world of fashion.”Transformation is dangerous. What God gave us must be respected or otherwise, He would destroy IT…


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