LOS ANGELES – Bill Cosby dispelled rumors of his death, but said that a bowl of Jell-O saved his life.
Twitter and Facebook were on fire with rumors of Bill Cosby’s death .  “Bill Cosby Died” was on the Twitter Trending Topics. ” Bill Cosby Dead” became the #1 trending topic on Google Hot Trends.
It is the second time this year that the noted comedian has met his demise via the Internet. Bill Cosby himself took to his website to address that death hoax, offering a “rebuttal.”
“As you well know,” he wrote, “a dead person cannot rebuttal. Therefore, I am rebuttaling to tell you that when I heard the news I immediately began rebuttaling and went into denial. My wife has just informed me that there is no such word as rebuttaling, she says the word is rebutting. But I don’t care, because I’m alive!”
“Thank you… P.S. That’s another thing dead people don’t say.”
The 73-year-old Cosby did, however, say that he collapsed with chest pains in his Massachusetts home.  He was all alone at the time and couldn’t reach the phone.  News spread quickly among the appliances in Cosby’s house and soon word got to the refrigerator.  Two bowls of Jell-O gelatin (blueberry and strawberry) sprang into action, leapt out the refrigerator and giggled over to Cosby. The blueberry Jell-O gave Cosby CPR while the strawberry Jell-O gave him mouth-to-gelatin resuscitation.  Meanwhile, Cosby’s “smart-oven” called 911.
When Paramedics arrived they found Cosby sitting happily in his chair, playing with the pudding that saved his life. He was smiling ear to ear – “Ha! This is some magic Jell-O!”   Unfortunately, the Jell-O in Mitch Miller’s refrigerator was unable to save him – he died today.
WWN is thrilled that Cosby is in good health, but his Jell-O might not make it through the night.
Cosby had previously died in February.
In a related story, Richard Pryor dispelled rumors that he was alive. “I am still dead,” Pryor said.
Here’s a classic Bill Cosby Jell-O commercial.

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