MIAMI, FL – In this current economy, a few dogs seem to be sitting pretty after a generous gift!
Owners and their pets strike up incredible bonds sometimes. Pets become parts of the family sometimes and even to some owners, mean as much as a son or daughter. Gail Posner is one of those extreme pet owners. After passing away in March, Posner’ left her $8.3 million Miami mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her beloved dogs, including one named Conchita.
Posner was a member of one of Miami Beach’s richest and most notorious families. Her death didn’t strike up too many headlines, but the legal battle over her will certainly has. Posner never hid her love for he pets and made it known.
“We actually have made the decision not to get Conchita the Range Rover. Instead, I got a new car and gave her the Escalade. She, along with her two sisters, gets driven in it to and from their weekly puppy spa appointments, where they get manis and penis. The Escalade is gold,” Posner said in an interview last year with New Times Broward-Palm Beach.
A new Range Rover doesn’t sound so farfetched now for Conchita and her “sisters” given their new found wealth.
Posner’s only son, Brett Carr, only got $1 million and is disputing the will in court.
Carr’s case isn’t necessarily against the dogs, but rather against his mother’s personal aides. She surrounded herself around the individuals later in her life and Carr believes that they took advantage of her sick mother and drastically altered her will.
Combined, the aides, including body guards and housekeepers, were left $26 million and one was given the right to live in the mansion to care for the dogs.

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  1. I had to look this story up to find out if it's true or not. It turns out, parts of it are true and serves as a jumping-off point for this tabloid's unique creativity (that stuff about the Escalade and so on; as far as I know, the case never gets that specific). It's true. The woman lived in some fantasy world where she imagined she was a movie star.

  2. Wow, what a story!! Drastic one. A wealth given to a dog, screw you… How can a dog manage that big amount of money. Well, dogs doesn't think like humans. My god!! What is she thinking??? I can't fathom her reasons, love of animals is a good thing but the too much is most likely a fiction.


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