NEW YORK, NY – The fame monster decided to give another NY baseball team a headache!
Lady Gaga is picking off NY baseball teams and making her presence felt at a NY Yankees’ game this time. After giving the one-finger salute at a Mets game on June 10, Gaga put on a different display of interesting behavior on Friday night.
According to the New York Post, Lady Gaga snuck her way into the team’s clubhouse and team co-owner Hal Steinbrenner informed Yankee Stadium executives that Lady Gaga is permanently banned from the team’s clubhouse after “boozy antics,” which included “swigging whiskey and repeatedly fondling her boobs,” according to the paper.
Gaga was dressed for the occasion – so to speak – wearing fishnet stocking, a bikini bottom and bra with a Yankees jersey thrown on to finish the outfit. She reportedly snuck into the clubhouse with two girlfriends after the game. There, she met Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and four other players, and that’s when “boozy antics” took over.
Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, came out on Sunday and cleared up the situation. Reports said that Lady Gaga was “banned’ from the Yankees clubhouse thanks to infuriating buzz kill Hal.
“She’s not banned,” Cashman said. “Celebrities aren’t banned. If Michael Jordan showed up here he would have access to the clubhouse, but not after a loss.”
“That was the wrong time and the wrong place. It’s been taken care of … Not her fault,” Cashman added.
Lady Gaga has not commented on her actions.

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