NASA has released a photo taken by its Curiosity rover that shows a mysterious unexplained Christmas Tree on Mars.

The rover’s “navcam” (which acts as an eye) transmitted the raw black-and-white image back to Earth on December 23rd, 2019.

Curiosity spots the Christmas Tree in the distance

Upon examing the photo, it’s quite easy to see the wrapped gifts underneath the tree. The decorations on the tree are lovely – even from 20 million miles away. It’s unclear how the gifts got there and what exactly the gifts were. Who will be opening these gifts? That is the question jealous NASA scientists are asking today.

Most surprising was the poodle that was underneath the tree. The male poodle (quickly identified by NASA scientists seemed happy and able to breathe. If the tree, which has been identified as a Fraser fir, is real, it could be the greatest discovery on Mars.

One happy Mars astronaut

Apparently, a Russian astronaut, Polina Yurabunko, went over to the tree to have a closer look. She’s been dancing around the tree ever since she found it. She wants to rip open the gifts right away. However, the President of the Russian Space Program insisted that she wait until Christmas Day to open the gifts, which for Russians won’t be until January 7th.


Astrophysicists from around the world are debating this issue. There are wild speculations – some feel it is the Gootans, others feel it is the Zeebans. Most of the scientists feel that it is the Martians themselves, making the season bright for Russian astronauts.

This is not the first time an oddity of this sort has been spotted by Curiosity. In 2014, a mysterious pumpkin was spotted by the rover on October 31. At the time, NASA scientist Dr. George Micco stated that the pumpkin was most likely created by Martian gardeners.

In December 2018, Curiosity also spotted a “sleigh-like” object. But NASA researchers thought it was a malfunction. “Looks can deceive, and there was no Santa in the sleight, so it was just another malfunction,” said Micco.

Polina Yurabunko will be standing by the tree until she opens the gifts. Lucky her.

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