Weekly World News is back!  We are back.  YOU are back.

WWN has been on hiatus for the last few years while our award-winning investigative reporters were taking an extended sabbatical on Planet Zeeba.  We traveled there to learn all we could about The Zeebans, the good aliens, who desperately want to help Earth survive the next one hundred years. Their message to us was clear:  “get out, you’re drinking all our water!

But they gave us hope.  Hope that we can make the planet a better place for all humans.  A place of peace.  A place of love.  A place for all mutants to come together as one!

You may have been expecting some big relaunch with a lot of fanfare, festivities, and fireworks, with BatBoy, Manigator, and P’lod leading thousands on a march through downtown Manhattan. That will happen, but for now, we are just going to do what we do best,  reporting “the world’s only reliable news” and rebuilding The Weekly World News media empire. 

Over the coming months, we will once again be reporting on stories the mainstream media refuses to cover and following-up on all the stories you have loved over the years:  the exploits of Bat Boy, Bigfoot Hooker, PhD Ape, Buster Simcus, Manigator, The Lake Erie Monster, SpyCat etc. along with our columnists Dear Dotti, Lester the Typing Horse and our rabid opinion columnist, Ed Anger.  We have over 300 characters in the WWN vault and 100,000 stories that we will be adding to every day.

Coming soon will be a Weekly World News Podcast, a TV series and several film projects based on our beloved characters. All are underway. We are launching an Arts section under the direction of renowned editor Boyce Day, a WWN Kids section led by Pajuney, the world’s greatest librarian and a music division that will feature many artists alongside our very own News Crooner, Sal Donato. Hey, we’re even putting together a WWN Cheer Team.  We all need a little cheerleading, right?

Many of you have asked if we were going back into print. The answer is: “What’s print?” We can’t find anyone under 40 who knows what that is.  Others have said, “We used to love picking up Weekly World News in the supermarket, are you gonna get back in there?”   Sure, but doesn’t everybody just have food delivered these days?  We have enlisted Supermarket Man to help us in this fight, but that’s another story.  The honest answer to your question is… YES!!  We plan to go back into print, even though most people think we are crazy for doing so.  And they’re right!  We are plotting just how, when and where we will launch a print edition.  Stay tuned…. In the meantime, you’ll notice weekly changes to the website and an expanding social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Most importantly, Weekly World News will be corralling a nation of truth-seekers.  WWN Nation has been formed and we want YOU in the fold.  Spread the word about Weekly World News and its relentless quest for the truth. We will be accepting submissions from ace reporters all across the world – articles, video, music, etc.  (submissions@weeklyworldnews.com). We feel that Weekly World News is an international treasure and we want YOU to become an active member of WWN Nation.

We are at a time in this country, and in the world, when we all need a place to go, a place where we can come together for a smile, for a few moments to examine the many foibles of human, and part-human, nature. And we are aware that some of us aren’t human at all – right now there are 17 U.S. Senators who are confirmed aliens. But we all aspire to be human.  And that’s not nothing…

Once there was truth, then there was fake news. Now it has all come full circle back to… Weekly World News. We are the one place on Earth that you can rely on to deliver hard-hitting investigative journalism at its finest with some of the best reporters who have ever-lived.  We are proud that Frank Lake, the Potenza-Prize winning journalist, will be leading our team of reporters, tracking down the stories that nobody else dares investigate.  We promise our readers that we will deliver nothing but the whole, unvarnished truth.  Haven’t we all be lied to long enough?

Please join us. Relaunch Weekly World News to your friends, your family and all the aliens in your life.  Join WWN Nation.  

The WWN party is just getting started —

Greg D’Alessandro



New York/Los Angeles

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4 thoughts on “WEEKLY WORLD NEWS IS BACK!”

  1. I don’t have the words to express my joy at seeing you back in business!! I would be one of those weirdos who would love the print edition to come back – I’ll pay!!! But until then, this is my new homepage. Thank you!!!

    I used to buy WWN whenever I went to the US. Glad to have you back.
    Greetings from Peru

  3. I will be one of the first people to subscribe to your print edition when you start it back up. I have missed getting it out of my mailbox for too long now! You were always the only paper to really print the truth.


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