Buckling to growing consumer anger, Juul Labs has ceased production of its “Mother’s Bounty” line of flavored Vape products targeted to infants and toddlers in developed nations.  

The line extension, which featured popular flavors including “Colostrum,” “Mother’s Milk” and “Strained Peaches,” was developed by Kevin Burns who recently resigned as CEO of the troubled vaping industry leader following a series of marketing missteps.

Mother’s Bounty combined nutritional supplements with nicotine and extracts of real human milk fats, to create a revolutionary product that calms and soothes infants and small children. It was the hottest trend at Pre-K schools across the country.

“It really was the Holy Grail for the vaping industry,” said Burns earlier this week. “But all the testing and focus groups in the world can’t protect you from a bizarre turn in consumer tastes or social mores. Citing unflagging support for the sale of cigarettes and vaping products to adults, despite well-known health risks, Juul viewed “Mother’s Bounty” as a huge opportunity to be the first mover in the untapped infant and children’s market, while also building brand loyalty much earlier in the customer lifecycle.”

A Juul spokeswoman, who was not authorized to comment, told Weekly World News that the Company plans to reconsider the product opportunity “once the noise of the election cycle has passed.”

Meanwhile, patrons of a Peoria, Illinois McDonald’s spotted a large smoke cloud coming out of the ball pit.

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