NEW ORLEANS, LA –  A leading psychologist  wants to prove whether Santa Claus really exists by not buying presents for their kids this year!
Dr. Joseph Pernell says we “will never know if Santa is real or a hoax unless we stop delivering toys for him and see if he picks up the slack.
“People think I’m joking but I’m as serious as I can be,” continued the expert.
“As a longtime student of Christmas legend and lore, I have always been fascinated by St. Nicholas.  And though intellectually I’m not convinced, in my heart I know he exists.  I believe in Santa Claus.”
“I know as well as you do that he’s not some elf living at the North Pole. But in my heart of hearts, I still believe that has the power to reward the innocence of childhood and make miracles happen.
“Crazy? Romantic? Maybe I am. But if we don’t try something like this, if we don’t put a stop to this mindless commercialization of Christmas, we’ll never know the truth.

“This is the year we can pull together and celebrate a Christmas like no other. If children find toys under the tree, we’ll know Santa is real.
“If they don’t, we’ll know Santa is the figment of our collective imagination and a symbol of the way we would like things to be.
“I urge every parent to join this crusade,” he added. “We all can play a role in this historic crusade.”
If Dr. Pernell’s Christmas sentiments are fanciful, his search for the truth about Santa Claus is not.
By urging parents to withhold presents from their children, he is setting the stage for unimaginable heartbreak when – and if – the little ones wake up on Christmas morning and find empty stockings.
The potential economic impact is even more frightening, considering the terrible recession America is still going through.
Without Christmas sales, toy manufacturers and retailers would be in dire straits, industry analysts agree.
“The crusade has an upside and a downside, too,” admitted Dr. Pernell, who’s promoting his crusade through interviews and on talk radio.
“Regardless of what happens on Christmas morning, the truth about Santa Claus will pay dividends for years to come.”
Do you think Santa Claus is real?

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  1. I agree!!!Although i think he is real because my parents never get anything for me for christmas…so who else would put those gifts under the tree!!!!!!!!!!!

    • u r good for thinking santa is real next time says santa is real ask if they can prove it if they say their parents told them say ur parents cant prove it either not that im disrespecting my elders because that would be totally wrong(and u would probably get in trouble)

    • shut up no u sucker he is not real lier idiot i am in 12th grade i know better then 1rst graders i agree with micheal he is saying right that santa is not real

  2. I also think he's not real because I was on his nice list…he didn't come! I was sending him e-mails and he said he'll be with me but no! There is still hope because Santa-t says there is still time before santa comes to my house and I estimated 10:00 in the Morning!

  3. Ok, what age are you all santa believers?? seven? For god sake! santa isnt real its impossible to fit through a chimney! and use magic ? well guess what no such thing as magic! its your mum and dad buying all the presents!! i wouldnt say that a six year old but someone my age YES DEFFINETLY! whenever i believed in him and saw my present with a note on it saying ''I'm Watching you'' it was my mums handwriting! so thats how i found out so its your parents buying all the presents to make you behave

    • I know santa isnt real my mam tod me last year she said not to tell my brother as he still believes and my mam is NOT lying because she HATES lying my mam wasnt going to tell us that santa was real but my dad did and my mam HATED going along with it. (my dad said "just let the kids be happy") I DIDNT BELIVE IN SANTA IN THE FIRST PLACE (fyi i am 11 years old

    • you are trying to crush dreams aren't you i mean it's ok to believe in him for a little while and then grow out of it but if you believe in santa all your life thats nothing to be ashamed of you should be ashamed for being so hard hearted i am 25 and i still belive in Santa at least i know what you will get for Christmas………………….NOTHING because you are one of those people who think they rule the world and want to be in control of everbody but you're not by the way don't use God's name in vain and you should capitalize His name sometimes it's fun to act childish but sometimes you just need to grow up this is one of those times where you should practice

    • what if you saw your parents putting presents under the tree???? i am not saying he is not real but i did write him a letter and when i got my reply, it was my dad's handwriting.

  4. I know santa isnt real my mam tod me last year she said not to tell my brother as he still believes and my mam is NOT lying because she HATES lying my mam wasnt going to tell us that santa was real but my dad did and my mam HATED going along with it. (my dad said "just let the kids be happy") I DIDNT BELIVE IN SANTA IN THE FIRST PLACE (fyi i am 11 years old!)
    Sorry to break yur hart guys but santa isnt real trust me!

  5. hey angel if your only 9 your only in 4th or 5th grade what do you know about all this except the fact that Santa is real to all you Santa haters………………….if your gonna crush the dreams of angel and all the other kids just dont even say it

    • Santa is not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are bad to him he will not reveal himself to you!!!!!!! You are so mean! Aren't you?!

  6. I found out a month ago i am not aloud to tell my brother I am 10 and I am glad I got that off my sholders. Thank you to the people who say he doesnt exsist.

  7. Santa Is Real!!!!!! Seeing doesnt mean Beliving.You Belive in Christ,right?You never seen him,but you belive in him.Same For Santa!So don`t think he`s not Real!!So I Bealive! Please Just Bealive in Him for Christ Sake!!

    • I am going to tell you santa is real. when i was 7 i saw and heard him.
      SANTA CLAUSE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The way I understand it, there used to be a Santa Clause, but when the job got too big for him, he asked the parents to help out. When he died, parents around the world kept giving presents for their kids and giving the credit to Santa. And that's the was it's been ever since

  9. Yes, it is true that Santa is real because one Christmas I was alone with nobody for tow days and there were still Christmas presents in the morning.But my mom and dad were gone till Christmas morning at noon.

  10. Santa Claus was captured by the Red Army at the end of World war II, he was sent to a forced labor camp, where he was executed in 1957, according to the Mitrokihn Archive.

  11. I know he's real because one Christmas Eve I had a stuffy nose so I was waking up quite often in the night. So I woke up on Christmas Eve at like 12:00 at night and i hear bells. Then I hear footsteps and I was freaked out that if it was Santa he would leave so I ran back to bed. 10 mins later when I was sure he was gone I looked in my stocking and it was filled and when I went to get a tissue before it was empty. Oh and my stocking was hanging outside of my door that's why I saw it.

  12. im still confused with myself. One Christmas eve when i was 5, i woke up around maybe between idk 12 and 5am. I got out of bed and snuck downstairs. i peaked around the corner to see if there were any presents. It was only a glance because i was shocked and pressed against the wall and ran upstairs. I saw something. It looked sort of transparent. It was tall and red in the middle and had a great yellow glow to it. Almost as if energy. He was standing there, in front of the cookies and tree. In my eyes, i think Santa is real, he is an energy and thats why he glows, thats why he doesnt age, thats why he lives forever. Also thats why he probably hasnt died from obesity but still.

    • You shouldn't say bad things about anyone or anything. If you just believe in him, one Christmas Eve… You'll see him! Trust me. I saw him because I don't lie.

    • He does! Really I saw him last year. I heard him, and I even saw his slay. It wasn't close up but at least I saw him. Santa doesn't come just to give gifts, he comes here to give us hope to believe what other people don't believe. One Christmas night, if you just believe in him… You'll see him. I am not lying trust me.

  13. Santa is real! My whole family went to our relative's on Christmas Eve. We came back a few days later and there were presents!!!!! I am doing a stake out tonight…

    • I don't think your,sitting on santa and if you keep saying mean words, he will not reveal himself to you. Trust me.

  14. An unqualified maybe is my answer to the question.I think the government needs to step in and
    hold a national referendum on the existence or non existence of Santa.We need the guiding
    light of government wisdom on this crucial question

  15. What are the Results I see the before picture now Terry Bradshaw is representing a diet Plan this is a Ravens Fan those dreaded Steelers anyways Santa is he delivering any presents or how did the testing go we need the results we waited it should be posted in new article the psychiatrist put presents out and well did Santa Show up and 1500 years ago seems a bit testy he was around recently during a comic page production thats how I heard he was created he became a TRADITIONAL deliverer as Magestic as he wanted to be in minds of many he really exists in Malls he is redone to show the magnificent Sanya Claus can bring Joy to us in different ways.

  16. While I can appreciate your bitterness (I was a customer myself) I think you are simplifying the issue quiet a bit. Reed really had no choice in splitting the company up. Here are just two things to consider: a) If you own a DVD, you can rent it as many times as you want. This isn’t true for streaming. Netflix is required to pay/user. In its current form a lot of contracts that netflix has with movie studios charges netflix based on the total number of users. So if netflix has 23m users but only 10m of them stream, netflix still pays for 23m. b) Shifting bandwidth cost is how netflix got away with a lot of streaming. Backbone providers (verizon, comcast, level 3) are not willing to tolerate so much of netflix’s traffic for free and that will eat into netflix’s earnings. Report this comment

  17. I think Santa claus is real because if he wasent real then who would put your presents under the tree and some people say there parents put the presents under the tree but if they did they would already have Toled you.And if you don't believe in Santa Claus then you won't get what you want.

  18. You guys don't know anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw and heard him… He glows… I am 9 grade but I am not naughty and that's why I can see him

  19. I believe that there is a real Santa Claus becaus I went to a website Santa is real and I watched videos of him talking about Christmas wishes,Santa is real, and how Santa flyes on his sled. I love Santa Claus very much! He brings us love,joy,and happiness!!!! The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. My brother and I are very great kids.We obey are parents and everybody that is part of our family.If you believe in santa and Christmas miracles can happen! Christmas is very magical and joyful to me and I love everything about it!!!!!!! Believe in the Santa in you. Santa lives in your spirit.

  20. I think this is all not true because if he didn’t exist than why does it say from Santa. Also who would put the presents there and who would drink the milk and eat the cookies. Take that Santa deniers! Also one time i saw an elf but he got mad when I called him an elf but I think he was just mad because hes an ex-elf.


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