[mpoverlay]Bat Boy: Going Mutant!  Hollywood’s favorite book about it’s hottest new star!
Insiders say that Bat Boy will soon be the biggest star Hollywood has ever known!  Meanwhile:


Oprah loves the book:


WWN presents the true story of Bat Boy in the hit book, Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed!
In a world gone batty… there was one Bat who could save the world.”
In an exclusive agreement with Barry Leed, PhD (MBS) and Neil McGinness ( the authors of Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed),  WWN will excerpt parts of the popular Bat Boy book for our readers.  It tells the complete story of Bat Boy – and he’s not happy with us, becaue the book contains classified, personal, sensitive files concerning Bat Boy that have never been made public.
The book can be ordered HERE.  


Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1, SIGHTINGS:
At 3:21 p.m. on a cool December day north of mile marker 63 on I-95 just south of Richmond, Virginia, Amanda Lethbridge checked her rearview mirror and noticed an unusual figure clinging to the grille of the Peterbilt truck in her rear. Lethbridge, a thirty-seven-year-old resident of Richmond, switched to the right lane to let the truck pass.  She caught a glimpse as the truck passed by at seventy-five miles per hour. The creature had his head bent back and was snapping at insects in midair.
A week later, on a clear, balmy night in Sarasota, Florida, Chris Caddick’s cocker spaniel, Meat Loaf, became agitated by something in his backyard. Caddick stepped outside to investigate.  Meat Loaf led his owner to a banyan tree where Caddick saw an animal crouching on a lower branch. Caddick grabbed a broom and attempted to prod the animal from the tree. In a second, Caddick was mauled. His two hands were bitten clear to the bone. Hours later, from his hospital bed, Caddick  told the investigating officer that the animal’s teeth were like “tiny daggers.”  Meat Loaf was never found.
The story continues…[/mpoverlay]

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing the "Bat Boy: Going Mutant! Hollywood’s favorite book about it’s hottest new star" … I'm waiting anxiously to see the biggest star of the century from now…!!!

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  4. I recently heard that Bat Boy was diagnosed with an acute lung infection. Apparently, all of that time he spends hanging upside in caves, has caused Bat Boy to breathe in histoplasmosis spores from all of the bat guano littering the cave floor. Bat Boy's doctor, Sanjay M. Patel M.D., has placed the beloved human-bat amalgam on a strict regimen of twice-daily antibiotics. Bat Boy's latest prognosis was described as, "good".


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