NEW YORK, NY – In honor of today’s auction of Elvis memorabilia, we present you the classic Weekly World News expose that we still stand by: The King’s Tomb is empty!

That’s the word from famed seer Dr. Andy Reiss, who conducted a psychic investigation of Presley’s alleged burial site and concluded that the body is missing. “Elvis isn’t at Graceland. He’s not even in Memphis,” said Dr. Reiss of Los Angeles. “People were led to believe that he was buried there but it was a ruse designed to keep them in the dark.”

“It’s more than a gut feeling. I psychically sense the truth of this. The King is much closer to his birthplace in Tupelo, Miss. There’s no doubt about it.”

Dr. Reiss’ blockbuster revelation is sure to send shock waves around the world as fans come to grips with the fact that Presley’s 1977 burial might have been a hoax.

It also opens up five intriguing possibilities:

Possibility 1: Elvis faked his death and is still alive. Author Gail Georgio theorized as much in her 1988 book, The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told. In it she argued that the singer faked his death because superstardom had made his life a living hell. Thousands of people claimed to have seen The King in the weeks and months that followed. But their accounts and a few blurry photos of Elvis were never authenticated.
Possibility 2: Elvis is buried in a hidden or unmarked grave in or near Tupelo. During his psychic investigation of Presley’s tomb, Dr. Reiss sensed that The King was in or near Tupelo. It stands to reason that he could be buried there because Tupelo is his place of birth.
Possibility 3: Elvis was resurrected from the dead and taken directly to heaven. And though it may sound farfetched, there is compelling evidence to support this theory. Since the King died or disappeared in 1977, thousands of fans claim to have been healed after they mentioned his name in prayers, meditated over his picture or came face-to-face with his spirit.
Possibility 4: Elvis faked his death and traveled incognito for 12 years before he perished in a plane crash in Bolivia on Jan. 2, 1989. Longtime friend and confidante Jaime Chacon told the story last winter. But exhaustive efforts by Weekly World News and other media failed to uncover any hard evidence beyond Chacon’s word to support the story.
Possibility 5: The King’s remains were stolen.
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35 thoughts on “ELVIS' TOMB IS EMPTY”

  1. I think that elvis faked his own death because his life was just going down hill
    1) He became over-whelmed
    2) H was on drugs

    • Elvis has left the building. Anybody who believes he might still be alive needs to get some serious psychiatric help.
      That means all of you.


  2. I truly feel that Elvis faked his death. If you watched the Fox News broadcast on all the evidence you would think the same thing.

  3. I think Elvis faked his Death to live the rest of his life away from the public eye and as far away from the press as he could. Ian.

    • elvis wouldnt do that he loved his daughter way to much he would rather die than live and not be able to see her

  4. I would like to say he is still alive . I think too that he faked his death he just could not take it anymore the drugs the lonely nights,sleepy all the time. He missed his mom was alot of it too.He was so full of life but so lonely. I remeber a woman that he met and suppose to have a baby by her . Her name started with a D… I can still feel his presents around me and sometimes i know he is near. I gaze out the door and picture him there .You know it is so sad to be loved by so many and no one is really there.Its like a LUCKY Penny…. Ha Ha well I will love him till the day i die… You are my GOOD Luck CHARM ….. Signed PAG

  5. Stupid, you all cry for proof but you can't proof he is a live. You need to back-up that claim, which after 30 years none has been able to do. You just say, oh they are all lying or thats fake you will believe in nothing if it would fit your alive theory.
    Has antbody seen the dead footage of the late Steve Irwin, we don't even know where his burial plot is, but's no problem for you guys but when is comes to Elvis, then he must be alive. ypu all need to wake up.- All this on this page can been explain you just need to your homework!

    • Linda; age, 63; hey JOHN; you can't even spell the word PROOF right. so you better get your act together beccause people are going to believe what they want to believe. It sounds to me you don't even like The King or you wouldn't even say those terrible things about Elvis and you should be ashamed of yourself and pardon me if i spelled the word ashamed wrong. You are the one that needs to wake up and smell the ROSES as they say.

  6. Elvis is 100% dead and gone. He is buried somewhere, that I can say with certainty. That 'somewhere' is known only by certain individuals, and I can assure you that secret will die with them <period the end>

    • Not one word that supports that Elvis is dead. FACT: the skinny Elvis in the photo of his funeral is not the chubby Elvis of his last live performances.

  7. Hello the body was a impersonator whom elvis met,see elvis found out he was dying of cancer ,ginger knew and met up with elvis and they bailed

  8. I Feel That Elvis, Would Want Us All To Always, Love An Remember Him, But To ALSO Let Him Rest in peace,Were ever he may be.Loving you aiways

  9. He must have faked his own death because he coudn't stand it anymore or his remains have been stolent this are the only 2 plausible explination

  10. Elvis is alive. His middle name is spelt wrong on his tombstone. It's spelled Aaron, the way it's really spelled was Aron. His family would not let his stone be spelled wrong. (Of course he would let them know if he planed on faking his death, i mean wouldn't you tell your family?) He always stated he wanted to be buried beside his mother, he is not. Why would they go against what he always wanted. (Cause when he does really die they need the space by his mom to still be there, so they can grant his wishes.) there is DNA proof. (Look up Eliza Presley) they matched DNA from a man who was still alive (2008) to his maternal cousin and paternal cousin. Elvis was a the only full bloodied child of his mother and father, (his twin died at birth) only he himself could match DNA from both sides of the family. Why has no one admitted to Elvis faking his death? People have, and just like some on this website, people don't believe them. People say Elvis is alive all the time. (Hence, people have admitted to Elvis being alive.) Elvis could announce that he is still alive himself, and people still would be ignorant enough to not believe it. -thanks for reading

  11. i heard that elvis and batboy were going on tour together.secret sources in the record industry told me this was true.batboy is a great singer. and will make a great opening act according to secret sources within the recording industry i talked to recently. he reminds elvis of a young buddy holly and johnny cash rolled into one great singer.they will begin their tour in 2016. starting in baltimore in may.and ending in los angeles in september.elvis is very enthusiastic about going on tour again. he is already in secret negotiations with oprah winfrey for the exclusive comeback interview. and batboy will be with him in the interview as well.

  12. I believe Elvis faked his death based on the DNA evidence, name mispelt on tombstone and the spot next to his Mothers' grave still waiting for him. It's nice to think he has his freedom. I could never stop loving him. He has an unmatchable depth to him. I would be over the moon if he came out of hiding but it's nearly to late for that to be possible. I still live in hope.

  13. I'm not sure what to say about this situation. I love Elvis to death. Though I was not born in his decade and wasn't alive during his tours I still love him. I am one of his youngest fans, and I have heard people say he faked his death and went into hiding after he received multiple death threats after receiving his police badge from President Nixon, and some people think he's deceased and burried in the back yard at Graceland. Wherever he is his fans wants him to know that we all love him and miss him very much especially his younges fans.

  14. I beleive Elvis faked his death because his family was in danger……….I would love to be by his side…..Wherever Elvis is I hope and pray that he is preaching and singing his beautiful gospel music….I Love you Elvis

  15. What do you say, about Priscilla accidentally said; “Yea that’s what He said the other day” a slip of the tongue. But I think he is still alive.

  16. It could be some part of a government conspiracy to suppress TRUE information about the death of Elvis. Think about it. Would there not be a lot more forensic evidence of his death than what has been released to the impartial media. I think so. And also, there was a cosmic link between Elvis and Michael. No, nobody wants to talk about it. But why did Lisa Marie marry Michael? Was this just some accident? Come on, folks wake up. Please. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Your government CANNOT be trusted.

  17. OMG i can’t believe the comments on here, but hey i needed a laugh today!!! And the photoshopped photos that people put up 🤣 If there had been anything dodgy going on we would know by now for sure. Leave him be and stop assuming these ridiculous things. Unfortunately Elvis left the building in 1977 bless him. RIP Elvis, ‘Long Live The King’ 😘

  18. Elvis imagine had to die so he could get a normal life. He coudn’t go anywhere or do anything because of people wouldn’t leave him alone. He was very lonely and now happy preaching and singing for his Lord at Household Of Faith in Benton, Ak. All over Facebook and Utube


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