LOS ANGELES  – Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly a couple again. She has forgiven him.
The two singers partied last night at Greystone Manor, West Hollywood club and left separately, but a mile down the road Rihanna’s driver pulled over and she reportedly hopped into Brown’s car..
Several people who were at the club last night tweeted that as far as they could see Rihanna and Chris making out with each other in the club.  The protective order against Chris Brown — requiring that he have no contact with her was lifted a  year ago, so Brown is free to hook-up with Rihanna again.
Rihanna was in Hawaii over the holidays, getting ready to be with Chris again:

According to a person close to Chris Brown, Chris feels that Rihanna is the love of his life and is thrilled to be back with her.  After the “incident” Chris felt that he had destroyed all chances of a relationship with his soul mate, so he stayed away.  But Rihanna apparently felt the same way about Chris.  She reportedly told  him, “You da one.”  Now, the soulmates can be together again.

Rihanna and Chris are with each other all the time and when they are not together, they are exchanging IM’s and text messages.
Not everyone is pleased with this development.   We’re told that Jay Z and Rihanna’s RocNation managers are furious that she’s back with Breezy.  “We don’t like this one bit.   Rihanna is making a big mistake,” said a source close to RocNation.



  1. LOL at all these comments…Obviously Rihanna and Chris Brown fans are making up names in an attempt to voice the approval of many….Yeah right. Rihanna is a very dumb girl….She's gonna get hurt worst than before and she knows what she's signing up for…I always thought she was clever, smart and really the next Madonna. Madonna would NEVER do this because she has a brain and self respect. Something Rihanna obviously needs more of. Seriously, she never wears clothes and she cares about no one but herself…How sad.

    • agreed!!!! he will beat her again, and who can she blame but herself. I will feel no pity for her the next time! no excuse or begging could get me to go back to a woman beater! Rihanna was good when she first started, and to me has lost it!

  2. i love Chris and Rihanna back together, I think they are truely in love and people make mistakes. We count numbeous time on how many time each one of us has made a mistake big or small. You love who you love, and I truely believe they will make it this time. They are going to make many more mistrakes, that is just being human and growing up. It really gets better the older you get. I think they are so cute together and both equally C talented and can be a power couple Can't wait to see your babies, when you make that move.By the way, I'm 55 so I have lived a little.DON'T GIVE UP! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.


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