Brian Williams has announced that he will be join Weekly World News starting March 15th!

Former NBC News anchor Brian Williams got some great news on Friday.  Neil McGinness, the publisher of Weekly World News, announced that Brian Williams will be joining Weekly World News as the Managing Editor and the anchor of the soon-to-be-launched  Weekly World News nightly news show.

“We think Brian is the perfect match for our publication and network,” McGinness told reporters on Friday.  “His experience as an anchor, as a reporter and as the man who killed Osama Bin Laden will come in handy as the world’s most reliable news tackles the breaking stories of the day.

Brian Williams was thrilled to hear the news. He celebrated with a pepperoni pizza he baked all by himself in an oven he built all by himself:


He also shared with WWN a rare photo from his personal archives:


For years, Williams kept it a secret that he knew Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant, but he was happy to finally reveal tell the truth about his role in the Civil War… and how he personally freed the slaves.

Williams told reporters that he has long be a fan of Bat Boy and looks forward to joining Bat Boy on a trip to Russia soon to take on Vladmir Putin.  “I once knocked out Hitler with a jab to the forehead and I think if I hit Putin in face and Bat Boy gets a shot in his knees, we can take over Russia and then… the world.”

Bat Boy was thrilled to learn that Williams was joining WWN.


Williams is already out on assignment for Weekly World News.  He will be talking with aliens from Planet Zeeba, who have come to Earth to protect the planet from the evil Gootans and Bill Cosby.
Welcome aboard, Brian!!
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