Katy Perry shocked the world with the announcement of her engagement to Robert Pattinson.
They’ve been a shoulder to cry on for each other since their respective splits from Kristen Stewart and John Mayer – and now they are in love, and engaged!


Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry celebrated their engagement by going to a Bjork concert at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.
The pair were said to have met up ‘discreetly’ and made their way into the gig together before leaving separately to avoid photographers waiting outside the venue.  But inside, they shared the news with celebrities, and fans, that sat near them.
“Katy was thrilled.  She couldn’t wait to tell the world about the new man in her life,” said a fan who sat near the couple.


Katy and Robert have been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks, and it’s even been claimed the songstress has even taken her pal to visit her parents in Santa Barbara, California.
There has always been serious chemistry between the two.  And now it is confirmed… “Robert wants to spend eternity with Katy,” said a source close to Pattinson. “He feels that she is his true soulmate.”‘


The pair was spotted checking out wedding place outside Los Angeles and near Palm Springs.
“Katy and Rob.  It’s going to be the wedding of the century,” said a big Hollywood agent.
And Katy is happier than ever…



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  1. Katy has on the same dress she had on with John. They have put Rob's picture over John face with the same outfit.if he wants Katy let him have her she is not as pretty as Kristen . If they get married so be it but when they have children who is going to stay at home and keep them if both of them are out having a good time. Do you think Katy is going to mess up figure for nine months. I don't think so. Whatever he gets is what he deserves.,

  2. Robert is a hypocrite! he is walking like he is mourning but actually he doesn't care. Be careful Katy, if you don't see the same things in Robert than in John, you are blind. Robert uses people to his benefit and then disposes OF them Cold heartedly! Stay in the friendship zone or you'll get hurt as Kristen did.. She stood up cheating from him before she regrettably got caught. He was wise enough to never get pictured, more so, he actually did but never said a word so it was ignored. Wise and clever. Being younger, Kristen didn't have the malice to act otherwise, except to say she was sorry to that ars of a person. YOU WILL BE PLAYED LIKE KRISTEN WAS, HE IS A SUAVE HYPOCRITE WITH AN ENGLISH?!… ACCENT. HE WILL FADE AWAY FOR BEING A COWARD, AND AN INSENSITIVE PR…..K, AND A JE…..K. AMEN…

  3. once again…………. another jackass emerges with another stupid story!!!!! get a sober life that will make u happy atleast.
    TO RP
    FROM a well wisher b4 ur name changes to RIP!!!!!

  4. once again…………. another jackass emerges with another stupid story!!!!! get a sober life that will make u happy atleast.

  5. what if this is true? How do you know its falls. There was a concert goer who saw them at the Bjork concert and Katy kissed him. This was a legitimate post. it was posted right after the concert. So I don't know. I just know I wouldn't trust Rob about anything.


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