Rihanna skipped out on her rehearsal for Saturday Night Live on Saturday – so she could be with Chris Brown.

Rihanna told SNL that she was too under the weather for a rehearsal, but WWN learned that she really wasn’t sick, she just wanted to spend a few more hours with her boyfriend, Chris Brown.

WWN broke the storythat Rihanna is back with Chris Brown.

The singer’s rep re-confirmed to CNN that she didn’t appear for a rehearsal because she was “was sick, so she needed to save her voice for the live show.”

But Chris Brown, who was born on  Cinco de Mayo, said he was with Rihanna in a luxury hotel only a few blocks away from 30 Rock.  “They were ‘celebrating’ his birthday together,” a source close to Brown told WWN.

The couple recently collaborated on Rihanna’s single “Birthday Cake,” a snippet of which she performed solo on “SNL.”



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  1. I think she should have been denied the right to perform. Professionalism is the name of the game and if you can't honor that then she must be asked to NOT perform. Too many of these bad behaved divas are allowed to get away with their self entitled crap. Time to stop enabling.


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