MOUNTAIN HOME, ARK – A steer named Lurch is going in the record books for having the world’s biggest set of horns:  They’re more than 3 feet around!
Lurch’s horns are a whopping 37.5 inches in circumference, which shatters the existing record of 31 inches. Those numbers have earned him a spot in the next Guinness of Records, says human pal Janice Wolf.

“The people at Guinness told me, “You’d better get it done, because you’ve got the record,” says Wolfe, who had the 7-year-old steer officially measured with two veterinarians as witnesses.  The humongous horns also stretch 7 feet long from tip to tip and weigh about 100 pounds – each.

Lurch is an Ankole-Watusi steer, one of a breed known as “the cattle of kings” for their revered status among African tribes. Watusi cattle are known for their huge horns, but Lurch is a giant among giants – his are almost twice the average Watusi circumference of 18 to 20 inches.
Wolf has raised Lurch since he was 5 weeks old, when she got him from a friend who raises Watusi for show.

He’s made worldwide headlines with his record-setting horns, and she hopes the attention will pay off in the much-needed funds for her animal-rescue organization.  She’s the founder and sole operator of the Rocky Ridge Animal Refuge, which saves sick and abandoned animals and tries to find homes for them.
Lurch was actually a late bloomer, says Wolf.  His horns started growing much later than normal.
“his horns grew very slowly,” she recalls.
“I used to worry that he wouldn’t have any!”

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  1. You do know that this animal died in 2010 right?
    Please be very careful to put up the right info…even some of the info is wrong


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