LONDON – The Royal Family made a big deal about Diana Spencer being a virgin, but they don’t mind that Kate Middleton is not a virgin.  
To the surprise of Royal watchers around the world, The Royals  are not bothered by the fact that Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, have been living together off and on during the course of their eight-year romance, which began in university days.
Nor are they bothered that Kate Middleton has slept with eight other men. They just chalk it up to a “sign of the times.”

The Royal’s  sure have changed their attitude to virginity from the days preceding Charles and Diana’s 1981 marriage. At that time, there expected (some say demanded) that Diana not have dated, much less slept, with anyone, including Charles before her engagement to the heir to the throne.  Diana’s own  uncle came out publicly to declare her a “bona fide” virgin.
The more modern approach gives many royal watchers hope that William, 28, and Middleton, 29, will fare better in their marriage than Charles and Diana, whose very public marital breakdown tarnished the image of the royal family.
Kate’s uncle came out and said, “Kate is going to bring a lot of experience to the royal bedroom!”

Royal expert, Professor Susan Begley of Oxford University, said ” William is his own man.  He’s living “in sin” with Kate and he knows she’s been with other men, but he doesn’t care. “The fact that William and (Kate) have had a relationship for eight years speaks for itself.”
William’s decision to live with his fiancee has been met, in general, with a shrug from the British people.  Brits, who are rarely virgins when they get married, are comfortable with the royal family having updated its unwritten behavior codes to bring them more in line with widely held social values.
“We live in a modern age and it’s only normal that people shag a dozen or so people of the opposite sex, or same sex, before  they settle down,” said James Moxley, 36, an engineer from Birmingham. “It’s probably best that they lived together before making a commitment.”
Some historians say it’s about time the royals shed their prudishness about the past of new entries into their family. When Charles and Diana wed, his history of dating was not an issue. Charles may well have wanted to marry girlfriend Camilla Shand, but she was not seen as an appropriate choice because she had had several previous boyfriends. She became Charles’ second wife decades later.

The only aspect of Kate’s previous sexual life that ruffles some Royal feathers, is that one of her previous lovers is the man pictured below:

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t mind.  She thinks it’s “jolly” that Kate slept wth Harry before William.  “As long as she’s servicing the royal family, I’m happy.”
Royal attitudes toward sexuality have never been based on fixed rules but rather unwritten conventions. The code of behavior has evolved – slowly – over the centuries as social values change. It is the monarch who sets the tone, so the views of Queen Elizabeth II have prevailed for nearly six decades.
The new tone from Queen Elizabeth is welcome news to all Brits.  In fact, on the wedding day, the Queen recommends all Brits, “Shag away on Kate & William Day!”

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    • because she's a brit that's why i am not also surprised by the news. it's somehow expected of her..

  1. i think it's a great deal for a future royal princess to have a good image. however, that image does not require her to be a virgin before marrying her prince. what counts a lot is her attitude and how she carries herself as member of the royal family. moreover, what really matters is for them (kate and william) not to make the same tarnishing mistake charles and diana made that badly stained the image of the royal family. i just hope kate stops sleeping with other men when she ties the knot with william when rough roads get onto their married life. i just wish she becomes as faithful as any bride can be..

  2. If she was still a virgin after an 8 year relation with William we should really be worried that there is something wrong with them.

  3. I think it's very awkward that Prince Harry and Kate slept together before Kate and Prince William met. I think, the 2 brothers don't act like true royal princes.

  4. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t mind. She thinks it’s “jolly” that Kate slept wth Harry before William. “As long as she’s servicing the royal family, I’m happy.” <– Apparently the Queen herself is so too.

  5. that is so not right.how can kate sleep with her own future brother-in-law.that is not the way to be royal.yes she's not mary but oh gosh man,i have 2 watch her different.she has a cretain role to play and thats how she starts.i dont know how william could 4give them(kate and harry)for that.anyway thats his decision to make not mine.i hope she keeps her leg open to william alone because if she dont.she'll be the first ROYAL SLUT as far as i know

  6. okay kate. Wedding over. Get in the grove of pretending to care about victims of war, earthquake and all the charities that your husband's mother left behind.

  7. it doesnt matter if kate had slept with harry before william… that doesnt make prince william less a prince, we all have past and the royals are no excemptions.. as long as kate and william live their marriage with respect, faith and love.

  8. who cares if she was or wasn't a virgin does it really matter in this day and age. 12 year old girls are having sex kate and william are old enough to know how to be safe. what did they do show kates gyn exam on national english news.

  9. It does not matter that she is not a virgin, but marrying in white as they all do is sheer, damned hypocrisy. I note Zara wore ivory, was that a statement? And as for veils – well really how pathetic.

  10. wow! There are lots and lots of funny things about the royal family ah! Isn't it a black mark on the lovers of the brits. Tradition.? Happy weded life, and may god bless it…

    • posh birds are crap rides they dont get wet and lie there like their dead beter off with a council estate slag, fanny always dripping

  11. by marrying Will, Kate has made wrong decision. Now, she totally devote her life to the press and papparazi forever. I suggest her to keep her attitude everytime and everywhere…

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  13. The pictures of william and kate in the dailymail where they absailed in the borneo rainforest show that kate is just a normal average looking girl, much like the rest of us. The pictures are actually lovely and highlight how ordinary kate actually looks (unlike how we usually see her glossed up). Its refreshing to see that prince william went for a normal looking girl and not some plastic aristrocat with fake boobs and fake eyelashes. They are a lovely couple who suit each other down to the ground; and its nice to see that they have things in common such as the love for the outdoors. Of course these pics are carefully orchastrated and its a shame that we taxpayers fund their liefetyle, but at least wills went for someone he truly loves and has known for 10 years, unlike charles and diana.

  14. Living together outside wedlock is not modern good or healthy. The future king has made a horrible life choice living together. After 8 years living together marriage becomes a formality for all. Co-habitation is not an answer to anything marriage except a better relationship prior to tying knots?

  15. Stupid bunch of hags. Damn all who want to tarnish the image of the royal family! Besides, its none of your business anyway. You know what? I think you all suffer from an incurable envy.

  16. When i was at St Andrews University, i have had a chance to see Kate going around with a guy. William knows that and at certain point in time i have seen her going around with another guy but the prince made a decission and its all over.

  17. Wow, this was in 2011? Who thought Catherine had to be a virgin to marry William or should couldn’t have sex before marrying William? I mean like lets be serious at least the guys she were with were all white and handsome so who cares.


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