LONDON – Kate Middleton has selected her Royal Wedding Dress.   It will be red!
Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer is Alexander McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton.  Kate has created a royal crisis by telling Burton that she wants to wear a red wedding dress!
Kate wants the dress to look something like this:

Middleton told WWN that she doesn’t plan on being the “typical Royal bore” and she wants to establish immediately that she will be her own person.  Ergo, she will be wearing red on her wedding day.
The 36-yeard-old Burton designed the red dress that  First Lady Michelle Obama caused a stir a State Dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao in January.  The dress was also red.


Burton’s work first caught the royal bride-to-be’s eye in 2005 when she created an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for Sara Buys, a fashion journalist married to Tom Parker-Bowles, the son of her future stepmother-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall.
The Royal Family, particularly Queen Elizabeth, are livid that Kate would dare wear a red dress to her wedding.  “Queen Elizabeth had a royal row with Kate over the weekend.  Many in the room actually thought that the Queen might slap Kate,” said one Royal insider.
It may seem that Kate is setting a trend for wedding dresses, but actually she is following a growing tradition with brides around the globe.  Western brides-to-be traditionally consider weddings and all the accoutrements to be symbolic of a woman’s purity, innocence, and virginity and that a flagrant intrusion of such a passionate and violent color is usually considered in poor taste – if not taboo.
But red dresses are now stealing the wedding show! Red wedding dress is the latest rage all over the globe. Brides are lapping up red wedding gowns feverishly. There is something about the color that is so irresistible – and hot.
Here’s what Kate wants her red dress to look like from the back:

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  1. I actually like her, I think her big time will come once she gains a bit more confidence in her new role. I didn't blamed her when she held back and just waited for Will to propose. What else was she supposed to do? If she had been too active people would have told her off, so she was rather passive and it didn't go down well either. So now she will show her true colours and I sense they will be pretty bright : )


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