LOS ANGELES – Tiger Woods held a press conference to tell the golf world he would not be making an annoucement.
The Golf Channel televised a hastily called press conference by Tiger Woods.  Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg told the press that Tiger would have “a very special announcement.”
Tiger then walked out to tell the room.  “I want to tell you all that I have no announcement to make.”  He went on to say that he called the press conference just to make sure that he could still command reporters to show up at a location of his choosing.  “I still got it,”  Tiger told WWN backstage.

The Golf Channel first reported the Woods’ announcement Sunday night on its Twitter account, but it did not provide any details and a check on Monday morning showed the Golf Channel had removed the tweet from Twitter.
NBC Sports said they will have a special interview with Tiger about his announcement about “nothing.”
Tiger said he is looking forward to talking about the fact that he has nothing to say.  He will not answer questions about his goatee either.
“I will talk about the fact that there is nothing special going on in my life right now.  I think that is noteworthy.”
Woods, who easily holds the record for the most consecutive weeks atop the world golf rankings, has expressed confidence that he would regain his form. But he has said that he would not rush back too quickly from injury this time.

Woods said he would happily talk to reporters about the weather, Casey Anthony or even the debt ceiling – other than that, I have nothing to say right now.
Woods is considering calling another press conference tomorrow.
Here’s some REAL Tiger news: CHECK IT!

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