NEW YORK, NY – The Derek Jeter we thought we knew was all just a front!
Derek Jeter has been the face of the New York Yankees for over a decade. Captain Yankee, Captain Clutch, Mr. November – he’s had many names over the years. Jeter has shot up the Yankee record books and will go down in Yankee – and baseball – history as one of the best ever. He’s entertained us with his stellar play and charmed us with his million dollar smile – but it has all been a lie…
Derek Jeter is a cheater – flat out.
In the Yankees game last night against the Tampa Bay Rays, Jeter suckered the umpires into giving him first base. Jeter feigned being hit by a pitch from Rays’ pitcher Chad Quails and the umps bought it. Upon further review, the ball actually hit the bottom of Jeter’s bat and by no means did it hit any part of his body.
Regardless, Jeter put on his best acting performance and sold it to the umps and the fans for that matter. He was in absolute agony and you would of thought that he had broken his hand. The trainer came out to look at it and Jeter went along with it. Bravo Jeter! This Oscar belongs to you.
What a web of lies!
All along, Jeter has been a model citizen and baseball player. He has certainly inspired millions of kids to pick up the game of baseball and someday achieve even the slightest level of greatness that Jeter has achieved. What a shame! Millions of kids across the globe have now had their hearts broken. Again, Bravo Jeter!
If there is any sense of justice in all of this – it’s that the Yankees lost and deservedly so….
On a more serious note … all jokes and sarcasm aside … Good for Jeter. Can you blame him for faking it? Absolutely not! He did what thousands of soccer players do every game – feign injury by merely being breathed on. In the end, justice was served and the Rays won. The chances of something like this ever happening again are slim to none. End of story.

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5 thoughts on “DEREK JETER IS A CHEATER”

    • This is crazy, if the Ump sends you to first base you go. Does anyone think when a kicker gets nicked by someone flying in to block a kick and falls down that he isn't doing an acting job? This happens all the time. What about all the acting soccer players do in the world cup? Don't single Derek Jeter out on this, he is one of the true gentleman left in any professional sports

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