BROOKLYN – A tornado, which originally formed in Elizabeth, NJ slammed Brooklyn last night.

At 5:41 p.m on September 16, a tornado warning was issued for Brooklyn and Queens. Seven minutes later it was called off. But, the damage inflicted by the storm can only be described as devastation.
The National Weather Service and Emergency Management officials confirmed that a tornado touched down in Brooklyn according to Brooklyn National Weather Service meteorologists. There was major storm damage in the Bay Ridge area. The tornado seemed to come out of nowhere.
The DeCavalcante crime family of Elizabeth, New Jersey immediately claimed responsibility for the tornado. They had declared war on the Gambino family of Brooklyn and said they would use new “weapons” against them. “Sal the Plumber and Johnny Eagle came up with the idea. They done good. We made the tornado in Vinny’s basement and then we let it loose.”
The tornado’s heavy winds, estimated to have been up to 111 to 135 miles per hour, tore through sections of Brooklyn, damaging roughly 40 buildings and downing dozens of trees. Residents in the Bay Ridge, Flatbush and Sunset Park neighborhoods reported damaged houses and hundreds of crushed cars along several blocks. Three Gambino family members and two truckloads of cannolis were missing.

During the storm, the sky turned an ugly shade of green before sheets of rain and hail pelted the city. People were warned to stay indoors and go to the lowest floor of their building for shelters. They were also instructed to stay away from windows. Several DeCavalcante soldiers were seen running through the streets of Bay Ridge right before the tornado hit – they were yelling “Volare, Volare!! ”
Numerous trees fell resulting in street closures, accidents and major mass transit delays. All Long Island Rail Road service was suspended out of Manhattan and Brooklyn due to downed trees on the tracks. Because of overcrowding, Penn Station was CLOSED to new passengers. The New York City subway suffered delays and cancellations. The entire 7 subway line was inoperative for several hours.

There are reports that a roof was torn off of a Brooklyn building. Trees have fallen on some vehicles on the highways in both Queens and Brooklyn. Con Edison reported that more than 570 customers were without power in Brooklyn.
A fruit vendor near Grand Army Plaza reported that his cart tipped over and flew away. During the storm, he took cover under construction scaffolding, but the scaffolding collapsed. He then found shelter in the vestibule of a nearby brownstone. Spike Lee is also missing. He was about to throw a garbage can into a pizza parlor when – lifted off ground, flew away. “Volare, Volare!,” yelled the DeCavalacante soldiers.

Here’s some video of the tornado touching down in Brooklyn:
And here’s the tornado touching down in Queens:

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  1. If the sopranos where still around Tony would have never let this tornado hit Brooklyn.
    Suprised Obama isn't visiting to declare a national emergency to get some one in his cabinet some positive press

  2. If Tony soprano was in Brookly he never would of allowed this to happen.
    Obama should put his office of emergency management on this issue. Maybe someone in his staff can actually claim that they did something for America

  3. This must be the effect of Global Warming. Does anyone know if the National Weather Service put out a tornado warning on this before it happened? I don't ever remember hearing about a tornado in Queens or Brooklyn

  4. The first picture with the big black funnel is obviously NOT from the event of Sept 16 and nor from anywhere near NY or NJ. If we have had something like that, there would not be a brick on top of another in the aftermath.


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