NEW ORLEANS, LA – One NFL player has taken a new approach in the hopes of finding true love – or a date!
Jeremy Shockey has never been one to shy away from the media or publicity. The New Orleans Saints’ tight end has always worn his emotions on his sleeves and has been the center of headlines a few times in his career. His latest move is one of intrigue and definitely in tune with Shockey’s outrageous behavior. He has taken to Facebook and Twitter in search of the women of his dreams.
The 29-year-old is holding a dating contest for female fans looking to win a date with him. Those ladies that view Shockey as the ideal bachelor are advised to post a video explaining why they deserve a date with the football star. It’s going to be like shooting fish in a barrel for Shockey.
“Ok LADIES here the contest.. Post a video on the “just fans” section on my fbk fan page explaining why u deserve to have me take u on a date 1 nit this offseason… Contest en sun night 4/18 at 8pm set… Lets have fun w this so be creative but just be careful its not too inappropriate where fbk deletes it!! good luck!!”
You can almost feel the displeasure of fathers and protective brothers at the thought of their family member trying to win this contest. Stay tuned to find out who the “lucky” winner is.

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