Mygar, one of the galaxy’s biggest movie experts, presents the top 8 most influential depictions of aliens in film.

Greetings and Salutations, sentients.  This is your humble master of ceremonies, Mygar.  Again it has fallen upon me to share my wealth of knowledge for the enlightenment of all things epicurean.

Today I shall be sharing eight of the greatest and most influential alien films to come from your planet.

8. Alien

A romantic tragedy for the ages.  The story of an unnamed parasitic alien and the woman the stars destined him to be with.  He is born into a confined and cruel world, unable to help what he is.  Soon he falls in love with the strong and spirited Ripley, but she cannot understand his language and in ignorance kills him, committing his body to the stars.  This has been turned into an opera in the Kleo system.

7. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

A rousing documentary of one fateful night in Earth’s history.  The film is made ever more poignant by the final two hours, where the government hushes everything up, having been cut from the film so it could be marketed as a fictional narrative.  A victim of its own message.

6. The Day the Earth Stood Still

The first use of actual aliens in cinema.  After being abducted several times, writer Harry Bates eventually befriended his captors and they began a dialogue about the nature of mankind.  Once released, Bates began working on a story based on his experience.  It is a little known fact that during production, Bates was able to cast his new friends in small parts in the movie.

5. The Abyss

Written by an entirely alien staff, it gave voice to the Extra Terrestrial perspective on global affairs.  It was a blatant metaphor, painted in broad strokes, but conveying the precise message that millions had wanted to say.  Aliens even played a crucial part in the film.  It was a distinct moment in a culture when aliens on earth finally felt that their voice was being heard.

4. Predator

The first openly gay alien to star in a Hollywood film.  Rumors of a romantic affair between the two primary stars were never proven, but also never dis-proven.  That two of the film’s principal actors went from action movie obscurity to elected office has only fueled the controversy.

3. Cocoon

Few works of art can inspire hate-filled vitriol in dozens of species the way this film can.  Riots broke out that covered entire planets once news of this film hit the airwaves.  It is the benchmark of alien stereotypes in film: aliens having ‘magic’ powers, aliens forced to serve a lower life form, Steve Gutenberg.  This film has become synonymous with insensitivity to inter-species relations, and as such has served as a warning sign to help promote healing across the galaxy.

2. Lilo & Stitch

Doesn’t everyone love this movie?  It’s just fun, and depicts how friendly alien-human relations can be.  And yes, I did cry a little the first time I watched it.  I am mature and secure enough to admit that.

1. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Based of the epic of Kringlaar, which chronicled the failed Martian invasion of Venus.  According to legend, after Kringlaar’s wife was put in stasis, he led the resistance to defeat the vastly superior Martian fleet.  Originally intended to be much truer to the source material, arguments between the director and the studio led to the compromise of using an Earth folk hero in place of Kringlaar.  The movie is still used in history classes throughout the system.

This is a personal list of the top 8 alien films.  For the sake of education and edification, I hope you choose to explore them on your own time with the added depth of considering the alien perspective.

As always, your humble servant, Mygar.

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  2. Not getting much in the way of news lately? No one seems to want to mention the UFO (a harvester) that was at work over Los Angeles thursday night. I was having an intense psychic experience and they tol me to walk out and low and behold! A large glowing white trangular craft hovering over the city. Not the first time here… seen many.

  3. I am so glad that Pia Zadora's film debut is finally getting the acknowledgment it deserves. She is such an over looked star here on earth. I hope we catch on to her intergalactic stardom soon. I want more Pia! Are there any plans for a Santa Clause Conquers the martians sequel?

  4. what about the movie " fire in the sky" that should be number 1 here. especially the fact that its based on a true story. watch it if you havent seen it. A+++

  5. Have you ever seen the origional version of WAR OF THE WORLDS done by GEORGE PAL its pretty well done and scary especialy in the part where the martian lays its hand on the womans shoulder in the old farm house


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