WASHINGTON DC – Beyonce will be getting a little help from a little friend during her performance at Obama’s inauguration celebrations.

The opening celebration for President-Elect Barack Obama’s inauguration has been dubbed “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial”. A host of musicians have stepped froward to lend their talents for the evening, including Bono, Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks, Garth Brooks’ alter ego Chris Gaines, and Shakira.

Beyonce was invited to join, but on one condition: she had to let Obatma perform with her!

Beyonce was requested by the Obama camp to let Obatma sing backup vocals during her set.  When asked why, an Obama spokesperson said, “He’ll hate me for telling you this but, he has a little crush, so… we thought it would make up for the whole ‘hotel thing’.”

Beyonce responded, “This is one of the most important events in American history. To share the stage with any of President-Elect Obama’s family is an honor and a blessing.”

When asked by reporters how she felt about working with Obatma, she giggled. “He’s just the cutest thing! Have you seen the little suit he always wears?”

While Obatma is incapable of speaking any known human language, he has already learned to squeak along to “Single Ladies”.  Unverified reports suggest he may even be the first mutant to breakdance during a presidential inauguration, although this is considered highly unlikely.

Critics are causing a stir, saying his appearance could turn a dignified event into a freakshow.  However, Obatma will not be the first mutant to perform at an inauguration.  President Taft had a three legged tap dancer perform at his inaugural celebration while he unhinged his jaw to eat a whole turkey.

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  1. Some Americans are still as ignorant as their ancestors. He is your President now, have respect for the decision your country made and have respect for the leader of your country. I encourage you to be an adult about the situation and discontinue to show your ignorance and resistance to change.

    • how come all the ignorant authors are online posting nothing of substance…..go figure and Bush got Boooooo At…WOW

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