I saw something crazy on the news today, and now I’m as mixed up as a she-goat at a Taliban stag party.

Seems a bunch of Iranians were protesting something or other, and besides screaming who-knows-what in their crazy language, they burned a picture of our new Communist-in-Chief. They even called him a “house slave” and other names I haven’t heard since that time I went to see “Mandingo” at the drive-in.

The way those Iranians were yelling,”Death to America,” I thought I was looking at a Sunday service at Obama’s old church.

Now, I may think our new Communist-in-Chief is a snotty little know-nothing whippersnapper who hangs out with trigger happy hippies when he’s not stealing other folk’s money – but I’m an American! I’m allowed to say that!

Not only that, but yelling at the President is my job, dagnabbit! So now we’ve got more foreigners stealing perfectly good President-hating jobs from real Americans like me. Obama isn’t even in charge yet, and he’s already making unemployment worse. Typical Democrat!

I don’t get it. We let that Iranian leader Achmed Dirtybad came over here a while back, and we treated him pretty good, even though he’s nuttier than a pile of elephant poop. All those liberals who cheered him on said if we just got rid of poor old President W., the whole world would love us again.

Well, so much for that. All these foreigners hate us anyhow, no matter what we do, because America is the greatest nation in history, period. And if you don’t agree, then you better be wearing asbestos jockey shorts, because traitors like you are headed straight to you-know-where when you die!

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