Aliens are using expanding foam, which seems to grow on manure pits, to cause hog farms to explode.
Six farms have blown up in the last week – killing thousands of animals, mostly hogs – after methane trapped inside the alien foam caught a spark.
There’s no stopping it: the foam has now been spotted growing on one in four farms across the Midwest.
“This has all started in four months ago when the Gootans first landed on Earth,” said Professor Sam Benton of the University of Wisconsin. .”We have no idea why they are using this foam, but we can’t seem to identify it and we definitely can’t control it.”

The foam appears to capture gases emitted by bacteria living in the manure which gathers in pits under barns on farms.
Even when the foam or muck is cleared, it creeps back.

The danger is in the methane, which reaches around 60 or 70 per cent inside the foam’s bubbles – more than four times than is dangerous.
If the bubbles break, methane will rush out. If a spark is present, a barn could explode.

In February, a spark from routine metal repair caused an explosion that killed 4,500 hogs and injured a worker. The authorities called in extraterrestrial experts from the United Nations, who confirmed that it was the work of the Gootans, aliens from Planet Gootan.
The foam has been spotted in southern Minnesota, northern Iowa, northwestern Illinois and southwestern Wisconsin.  It has not, yet, been used on humans, but the United Nations experts are not ruling it out.
Some have tried to explain away the foam.  Angela Kent, a microbial ecologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, told Wired: “I think it’s a shift in the environment that’s favoring a particular microbial assemblage that’s inadvertently causing this.  I don’t think it’s aliens.”
“She’s wrong,” said Dr. Susan Begley of the United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials. “We run extensive tests on the foam and had it analyzed in the United Nations labs.  It’s definitely Gootan foam.”
The Center for Disease Control is working with Dr. Begley to try to find an anti-dote to the foam, but they are not confident they can find them.  “The Gootans are far more advanced than we are,” said Dr. Begley.  “We can only try.”
Here’s a video taken before authorities confirmed the Gootan attack:

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