WWN is on a mission to find our most wanted creatures.  Please help us.  Have you seen Kangorous?
WHAT:  Half kangaroo, half dinosaur.   It flies, it jumps. It flumps.
HEIGHT:  One hundred feet tall.

LOCATION:  New South Wales, Australia.
WHAT’S IN THE POUCH?: A baby kangorous.
HISTORY:  Battled the Royal Australian Air Force using its massive tail and feet to rip through the beach front.  The baby kangorous leaped from the pouch of Kangorous and demolished the Luna Park Amusement area – and he didn’t even pay for admission.

LIKES TO EAT:  Americans, Brits and Kiwis.
LAST SEEN: Flumping over to Japan and eating a Sumo Academy.
If you  have seen Kangorous, please let us know in the comments below!  All tips will be kept strictly confidential.

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12 thoughts on “WANTED: KANGOROUS”

  1. Please help! The Kangorous jumped on my dog yesterday! I live in Hawaii and this happened on the island of Kauai. He's making his way to the U.S. mainland now. Please stop him before he gets to California! Hmmm… on second thought, Please stop him before he gets to Nevada!!!

    • I wouldnt kill it.
      It's an animal just like anyone of us it hunts and lives. I'd Respect it alot if I ever saw it

  2. This aint real?!? if something was that big it wouldnt be some sort of missing link secret hiding in australia. Especially 100ft tall!


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