SCHMALLENBERG, GERMANY –   Local authorities believe a virus is killing their lambs, but WWN can confirm that The Gootans are responsible
A number of  lambs were born dead or with serious deformities such as fused limbs and twisted necks, which mean they cannot survive.

Scientists urgently tried to find out how the “disease”, which they thought would also affect cattle, spreading to more and more  farms every day.
But, it is NOT a virus.  The United Nations sent Dr. Susan Begley, the leader of the International Panel on Extraterrestrials and lead scientist and ufologist, Banesh Bannerjee, to Schmallenberg to investigate.
Their conclusion:  The Gootans have struck again.

Aliens from Planet Gootan landed in southwest China and in the Indonesian Sea in late November, 2011.  Since that time The Gootans have spread out across the globe and are preparing an attack on humans.  So far they have attacked blackbirds, salmon and some deer.  This is the first reported attack on lambs.
It is unclear how The Gootans attack, because they are often invisible to human eyes.  Sometimes The Gootans take the shape of the mammal they are attacking.  Dr. Begley submitted this picture of a lamb that she believes is actually a Gootan:

The National Farmers Union has called it a potential “catastrophe” and warned farmers to be vigilant. “We need to take action to protect our lambs from The Gootans,” said Wellington Urgo, of the NFU. “We don’t yet know the extent of the attacks. We only know that it is happening.
The lambing season has only just begun, which means that the full impact of the attack will not be felt until the weather warms up.
Some farms have lost half of their lambs. So far the worst hit in Britain have lost 20 per cent, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).
Approximately 16 million lambs are born in Britain every year and sell at market for about $250 each. The effect of the Gootan attack on farms that are already struggling in the downturn could be severe.

The good news?  Dr. Bannerjee told WWN that he believes it will only be a limited attack on the lambs.  “This is just a warning. They will certainly turn their attention to other animals.  That’s why we at the U.N. are preparing a strategic defense.”
The silence of the lambs…

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4 thoughts on “ALIENS ATTACK LAMBS”

  1. These animal “attacks” are a bit weak. When will the goots start destroying cities with giant frick’n lasers. I’m looking forward to the shock and awe stage of thier invasion. Or anything bigger than this easily dismissable crap. I guess what I really want is something to shoot at!

  2. Why hasn't the "Lame Stream Media' picked up on this? How come there is no discussion of the Gootan threat at the Republican debates? Any fool can see that the Gootans are more a danger and deserve attention than contraception!

  3. These Gootans are no threat,if they are so fearsome and advanced to come accross space,then why are they not attacking now.I say they fear us because we may be primative,but much stronger than they expected.I believe they have picked on the wrong race.If the powers that be know where they are,launch a first strike at the landing zones and destroy the advance party.Then nuke the ships that are coming.We can yawn,clean up the mess and move on.


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