NEW MEXICO – An alien spaceship has reportedly landed at an industrial estate near to the infamous Roswell alien landing site.
It was recorded by a passenger in a car driving along a motorway. The exact location and time of the extraterrestrial event is unknown, but Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials is in New Mexico examing all the data.

A video of the event was uploaded to YouTube by Stephen Hannard of Alien Disclosure Group UK.   He commented: “Leaked footage of a UFO arriving then landing at an unknown location in New Mexico. Could be one of ours, CGI, or could be the real deal. As always you decide.”
Dr. John Malley has confirmed – it is an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba.

Some are dismissing the UFO landing as a hoax, especially because in the video  car is driving along the right, and not left, side of the road, which means it may have been filmed in Great Britain.
WWN is investigating and will report back to readers.
Graham Smith
Daily Mail 

Here’s the video:


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13 thoughts on “UFO LANDS NEAR ROSWELL”

    • It is hoax yes. 11. second clearly shows the bad masking behind the highway side rail. More then half of so called UFO briefly disappears and the remaining part appears in front of the side rail. Bad bad masking. The Bolivia one is also hoax. This one was at least a good UFO model, but the one in Bolivia movie is a very bad model. Both movies very entertaining though other then that 🙂

  1. i have some photos from a few wednesdays ago in california. where do i send them to go up on here?. my sister took it at night over the cerritos/lakewood area at night while jogging. she got home and showed me then i saved the original, made one with a emboss effect, one with edge detect, one with inverted colors, and one with slight exposure. it is clearly a conical hat(giant) or domed saucer shape. (in advance) no it is not the moon. that was behind her. 

  2. Why must you people look at even more proof and shun it. You small minded fools for thinking all there is must be pyrchaseable in a mall.

  3. If you look at the video at :36 it passes behind a building. Before it passes it seems far away, through the "reflection" it is big, then after it passes past the building it is small again. Also it wouldn't be a reflection unless there is another UFO above the car. So in this case it couldn't possibly be real. Also there is no light coming through the other side of the windows of the building until the car is almost past the building. Which also indicates it would be impossible to see the UFO through the windows of the building form where the car is at the beginning of the building. Nice CGI work, but 100% fake in my view.


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