Several UFOs are hovering over Argentina.  They have been identified as spaceships from Planet Zeeba.

The alien spaceship was first spotted on January 4, 2012, over the Capital Federal District in Argentina.  A video was taken of the spaceship (below). It looks at first like a helicopter over some nearby high-rise buildings, but authorities in Argentina and at the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials confirm that it is a spaceship from Planet Zeeba, part of a Borkon Formation.

Borkon Formations are common with ships from Planet Zeeba.   Several spaceships appear as twinkling lights, then they slowly form a triangle (Borkon) and fly over a given area.  The U.N. told WWN that a Borkon Formation is a symbolic gesture from alien spaceships that they have come in peace.  Zeebans have been identified as docile creatures.

Aliens from Planet Gootan, who have also been landing on earth the last few months, never fly in the Borkon Formation and they are coming to earth – to attack us.

The un-enhanced footage of the Zeeban spaceship over Argentina,  looks like an object making a weird dip near one of the building rooftop and flies erratically. Strange, but not unusual.

It’s not until the object is viewed in the digitally enhanced sequence in the video below that it becomes clear this Zeeban ship is no helicopter or any other type of known aircraft.

Have a look:


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    • well you know what you should believe aliens are on earth. most of them are here to kill us and some are here as friends.

  1. You're such an idiot, Frank Lake. Planet Gootan?! Planet Zeeba?! hahahahaha This planets are existing… but in your sick head, moron. Aliens never invided Earth.


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