CHICAGO – To prepare for the coming alien attack, all major U.S. cities have installed special infrared  cameras to help detect the aliens.

Government authorities, who were concerned that when three giant alien spaceships attack in late November, that they may not be able to see them moving through out streets, buildings and home.  So, over the weekend, all the major cities in the U.S. installed the alien cameras.

“It was success, we are ready for the alien invasion,”  Mayor Bloomberg told WWN last night.

In order to give our law enforcement officers and advantage, the U.S. Government purchased a large number of “alien surveillance cameras” from a Russian manufacturer.   These cameras, if properly calibrated, can detect aliens in cities and in homes and office buildings.  And they work from over 500 yards away.

“The cameras are highly accurate.  We have used them in Russia for decades and they have helped us identify a number of peaceful aliens from Planet Zeeba that have been inhabiting our towns and cities,” said Ivan Krusnov of the Moscow Extraterrestrial Institute.  “We have adjusted the camera to be able to detect the invaders from Planet Gootan, who we have confirmed will be attacking earth in late November.”

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has approved the cameras and they may be installed in all cities throughout the globe in the coming weeks.

Special cameras and camcorders often capture the things that humans don’t see with a naked eye.  This is particularly true of parallel reality: aliens and UFOs.  They photos can also predict future.

It is an open secret that any image that comes in sight of a human being leaves an impression on the retina.  Russian scientist used this fact to develop  high-accuracy alien camera.

Dr. Krokhalev,  from Perm, first developed the prototype camera in 1946.  He had a patient, who suffered from hallucinations. Trying to study his disease, Krokhalev took pictures of the patient’s eyes. The photo depicted a round bright spot on the dark background. The patient was suffering from one and the same vision – he always saw the moon in the night sky above his head.  He developed the idea of  “thoughtographs” and it was this idea that led scientists to experiment on what the eye can see (but the brain does not register).

How exactly can these alien cameras display other dimensions?  The Russians aren’t saying, but American authorities are just grateful that we have these cameras, so we can defend our cities from the alien attack.

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  2. It is even more important for security cameras to view more thn just aliens. Earthlings pose problems as well–maybe even more. One never knows what is happening when one is not looking. How safe is your child when along with the baby sitter or nanny? Is there someone suspicious near the door to your home or business? What is happening in your warehouse when you are not there. I can go on and on but you understand that one cannot have eyes everywhere. With a security, surveillance or nanny camera you can out just what is happening. You can even watch in real time what is happening in your home or office from your computer when you are many miles away. There are even cheap dummy cameras that you can use to trick potential criminals into thinking that an expensive high tech electronic surveillance system is patrolling the area. One can never play down the importance of security for home and business.

  3. All Games my last post was removed because I exposed the elite getting ready to fools us human sheep. Its a set up bought to you by the new world order. ps. I will not go away….

  4. this would be cool if its real…I'll be looking for a pair. What I want to know is how do we destroy the Gootans…if there is such a being

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