HOLLYWOOD – Charlie Sheen has hired an alien as new publicist.  And they are both “winning” according to Sheen.
Veteran Hollywood publicist Stan Rosenfield, who represented Charlie Sheen through the actor’s rehab attempts and breakup with his employers on the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” abruptly resigned on Monday.
Charlie Sheen called Rosenfeld a “pussy” and then immediately hired Xv Y’uuu, an alien from Planet Zeeba.  Xv Y’uu stepped right in and is handling all Charlie’s affairs in a manner that Charlie likes.
“Y’uuu is a winner.  Y’uuu is a rock star.  He’s a rock star working a rock star and together we are going to Go Alien on CBS and take the whole network down.  As a matter of fact, we might just take down all of Hollywood.  We’re going to sue the whole town.  You don’t treat the gold that I am like this.”

Asked where he met Y’uuu, Sheen said, “I’ve known Y’uuu for years.  There are aliens living amongst us people. Don’t you see them.  Y’uuu has been a good friend and couldn’t be happier that he’s handling my press now.  We are going to napalm Hollywood!”
Y’uuu was busy firing off emails from his brain, so he was not available to talk to WWN.  He was present when Sheen sat down with TMZ yesterday.


  1. ils savent plus quoi inventé a tout ceux qui on crut qui aller avoir une invasion vous etez je le dit franchement haut et fort vous etez des idiot

  2. Those Zeebians are freaky! Floating heads and no body! Here's an idea for the show…cast Xv Y'uuu as a border who moves in with Charlie. That'll be good for some laughs. Think of the situations Xv & Jake can get into. : )

    Yes sir, I love those bodyless aliens. I find it interesting that the folks at WWN are the only ones who seem to have seen this alleged alien.

  4. Hey, I think I went to high school with Y'uuu. He was a pretty smart guy although he wasn't real friendly. If he's the guy I think he is, Charlie will be a real winner in short order.

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