MIAMI, FL – Shady Pines to hold its 25th Annual Rascal Race.
Shady Pines, a south Florida retirement home, has a long standing tradition where it allows its residents, once a year, to let loose and put the pedal to the metal. For the past 25 years the staff at Shady Pines has set up an indoor race track where the residents who are bound to electric mobility devices, often referred to by the brand name Rascals, can compete with one another to determine who is the fastest and most agile electric scooter pilot.
The residents refer to themselves as pilots, as opposed to drivers, since most of them feel as if they are flying due to the fact that the scooter moves about 45 times faster than they can when walking.
The winner of the event receives unlimited cherry Jello and chocolate pudding for three consecutive months and bragging rights for the rest of the year. In previous years the winner was allowed to choose what flavor they wanted, whenever they wanted but the staff at Shady Pines soon found that the answer was always the same, cherry Jello and chocolate pudding, thus putting an end to the choice.
“We hold the race during the winter because at this time of year the residents tend to get cabin fever and the race really helps them to unwind. Even though at this time of year the highs can get into the low 80s, all the residents complain that it is too cold to go outside. Most of them will not even step foot outdoors unless the thermostat reads 87 or above,” said Vance Gibbins, an orderly at Shady Pines.

Last year’s reigning champ Chester “Tweeker” Thompson, seen here braving the elements, has been training for months to insure that he will retain bragging rights and get his hands on all of that delicious Jello and pudding.
This year is a special year for the Rascal Race as it is the Silver anniversary; making it all the more necessary to amp up the festivities since most of the “pilots” are self proclaimed silver foxes.
To honor this special occasion, Rascal, popular manufacturer of electric mobility devices, has agreed to co-sponsor the event, bringing with it Miss Rascal 2011, the Rascalettes, and lots of lube…for the scooters. Here is a picture of Miss Rascal 2011.

“For over 30 years, Rascal has designed and manufactured mobility products to help keep the elderly active and maintain their independence. We are proud to be sponsors of this monumentous occasion here at Shady Pines,” Said Bill Hendrickson, PR rep for Rascal.
Live coverage of the event will be streaming at the Shady Pines website this Saturday.

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