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Alien Skull at Roswell

New cracks have appeared in the 61-year government cover-up of a fatal UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Investigators have unearthed a skull at the top-secret Air Force base — the second such discovery — and the find all but shatters Washington’s attempts to conceal the explosive truth from the American people.
Like the first skull, reported previously by Weekly World News, the new evidence provides damning testimony against the government’s contention that the wreckage of a crashed vessel at Roswell in 1947 was merely a weather balloon.
Both the new and old skulls are oval-shaped, corresponding to many descriptions of extraterrestrials provided by people claiming to have been abducted by aliens — yet their accounts have been officially dismissed as the ravings of lunatics.
But the most conclusive testimony comes from geneticist Dr. Merlin Peakes, who conducted DNA tests on a bone fragment taken from the recently found skull.
“Unlike humans, who all have exactly 23 chromosomes, this creature has 37,” he says. “Whereas humans have two paired sex chromosomes — accounting for the two sexes into which the human race is divided — the alien has three paired sex chromosomes. That means this extraterrestrial race has three sexes — male, female and neuter.
“From this startling fact, we have been able to deduce that their population is made up mostly of sexless drones who do all the work, while a small minority devote their time to reproduction.
“The alien skull is that of a drone — a hapless astronaut sent to Earth on a suicide mission. Presumably, its masters knew there was no chance of a return voyage. Its job was to transmit information about us back to its home planet before crashing, Kamikaze- like, into the ground.”
The discovery of the skull provides an unexpected boost to Eugene Tully, who is raising funds to mount a campaign for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives on the obscure WNA (We’re Not Alone) Party ticket.
“I see this as a sign that WNA’s time has come,” says Tully, who insists he spent 11 years on a planet called Ferox in the Perseus-A galaxy during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
“This coverup must end today,” he says. “These aliens mean us no good. I know. I was there. They tried to wipe out my memory with drugs, but I can recall those years — most of them, anyway.
“They intend to enslave us so they can continue to have sex 24/7. We’re Americans — proud and free — and we can’t let that happen. Write your congressman, write your senator, write the president, buy a gun, pray to God, send money to my campaign fund!
“Our real enemy isn’t Al Qaeda. It’s these aliens. Now we have proof that they’ve already been here. Their vehicle crashed in ’47 at Roswell. At least two of them were killed. Next time, they might survive.
“Maybe there’s already been a ‘next time.’ Maybe they’re here now. Maybe they’ve infiltrated the government. Trust nobody — except me!”

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  1. This article didn't make a lot of sense. :p First you say that most of them are sexless drones doing all the work, but then you say that they intend to enslave us so they can continue to have sex 24/7. What?! :p

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