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I’m madder than a wino at a Mormon wedding! That stupid “Beer Summit” was a crazy joke!

The Teleprompter Kid said this whole thing with his professor friend and the cop was “a teachable moment.” But the only lesson I’m getting out of it is: “If you get arrested and make enough of a stink about it, you get invited for a beer at the White House!”

And not even American beer! No, that’s not good enough for the Communist-in-Chief. I’m surprised he didn’t serve vodka, or some crappy Cuban rum!

Once upon a time, you got invited to the Rose Garden if you were an astronaut or you won the Super Bowl or a gold medal in the Olympics.

But these days it’s only a matter of time before Rodney King gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom!

So kids: just yell “police brutality” loud enough and you too can get to shake the President’s hand, and give the cop who arrested you a lecture about “racial profiling” – even if the cop is already an expert about it!

Breaking the law used to get you kicked out of the White House, back in Nixon’s day. These days, between Tim Geithner and Van Jones and the rest of them, you have to have an arrest record to work there!

I’ve gotten used to criminals like Ted Kennedy being in the Senate, but the White House should be sacred ground!

Speaking of which, I hope Teddy wasn’t last night’s designated driver!