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SOUTH AFRICA – One goalkeeper’s wife is being blamed for his country’s shocking loss!

Goalkeeper’s aren’t having the easiest of times in this edition of the World Cup. Many goalkeepers are using this year’s ball, the Jabulani, as an excuse for their blunders. Some critics and newspapers are using their better halves as reasons for their mistakes and lack of focus.

Rob Greene, England’s goalkeeper, who gifted the USA a goal was the center of controversy when newspapers blamed his breakup with his girlfriend for his gaffe. Now it’s Iker Casillas’ turn to take some of the blame and it’s being reported that his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, had a hand in Spain’s recent defeat to Switzerland.

In all fairness, Carbonero is a beautiful and stunning sideline reporter who is capable of snapping a couple of necks going for a double take. The Guardian reports that the captivating sportscaster is being accused of distracting Casillas by being so close to the field before and during Spain’s crucial match. When they say close, they aren’t lying. Carbonero was camped out directly behind Casillas during the second half.

The Spanish beauty caught wind of these allegations and shot back at critics, dismissing claims that she “destabilized the team” as “nonsense.”

Carbonero also had the pleasure of interviewing her goalkeeper boyfriend after match. She, like any good reporter, grilled him about the team’s loss and unexpected lousy performance.

In Carbonero’s defense, these allegations seem slightly farfetched and unmerited. Spain came into the tournament with high expectation and many critics touted them as the favorites to win and the most talented team in the tournament. Spain flat out choked, have their backs against the wall, and fans and critics alike are looking for excuses.