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SOUTH AFRICA – One pop star has not won many supporters for her taken on this year’s World Cup anthem!

Shakira is a grammy-winning musician who’s name is known worldwide. Usually when a star of her reputation is tied to a project, chances are that it’s going to be good. That’s not the case with her newly released World Cup anthem that is gaining just as many supporters as it is critics.

The World Cup anthem, “Waka Waka”, was released last week to radio stations and is a collaboration with South African band Freshlyground. The song has received a less than stellar approval from South Africans.

“It’s horrible,” local fan Lindi Munonde said. “I’m not standing for it. I mean what is our president doing about it?”

Africa’s selection to host this year’s World Cup was highly publicized as it was the continent’s first ever selection to host the fabled tournament. South Africans are not convinced Colombian singer Shakira is the appropriate person to represent Africa’s first World Cup.

“Waka Waka – Time for Africa” takes its inspiration from Cameroonian music and also contains African language. Critics would rather have a South African sing the song, or perhaps the African parts. “Really, I mean, how is Shakira going to sing the African part of it?” said Nomaswazi Thomo, another local fan.

Take a listen for yourself.