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Obatma’s half-brother, Barack Obama, has received the political endorsement of America’s favorite precocious mutant: Bat Boy.

This morning presidential nominee Barack Obama met the half-human half-bat who eagerly gave his endorsement through a series of squeaks and high pitched squeals. It is believed that the revelation of Obama’s mutant half-bat half-brother Obatma secured his support.

“This boy is a shining example of the American dream,” Obama said at a small press conference held after the meeting.

“Coming from meager beginnings, cast out for who he is, he now enjoys the freedom and limitless possibility granted to every American.”

Even insiders are unsure of what was else was said behind closed doors, but assumed talks centered on how to present Bat Boy’s status as a mutant and former felon to the American Bible-Belt.

After a great deal of secrecy was used in delivering Bat Boy to the meeting, no such restraint was required in driving him back to his cave. Sources note that Bat Boy repeatedly turned on the sirens, waved at people who noticed him, and put his head out the window to catch mosquitoes in his mouth.