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WASHINGTON, DC –  President Obama issued an Executive Order raising his salary to $1 million per year.

President Obama understands how much Americans are struggling financially and told reporters yesterday he, too, has been having trouble paying his bills.

“Four hundred thousand dollars a year to be Leader of the Free World, is just not enough.”  Obama told reporters on the golf course on Sunday.  “There are junior traders at Goldman Sachs that make more than that in a week.  Is that fair?”

Obama shocked reporters when he said he issued an Executive Order on Saturday raising his salary to $1 million a year – plus a $200,000 bonus, this year only, for killing Osama Bin Laden.

“Look, let me clear, adjusted for inflation my salary is not even half of what George Washington made.  Now, I don’t want to bring race into this, but is the First Black President worth half as much as the First White President?  I’m just saying… ”

The Presidential pay raise will take effect immediately.

Congress was quick to respond to Obama’s announcement.  “If he gets a pay raise, then I want a pay raise, ” said John Boehner, Speaker of the House.  “Hell, I think the whole damn Congress should get a pay raise.”

Boehner went on to say that in today’s world, members of Congress have to spend half their time raising money, “and that means the Representatives we send to Washington are putting in longer and longer hours trying to raise money so they can keep their seats.  They need to be paid for that time.”

Obama told Boehner he would give Boehner a raise if, and only if, Boehner agrees to raise the debt ceiling.  “Well, that’s a no brainer,” Boehner said.  “Let’s take away the ceiling all together.  Who likes salary caps?”

And yes, the ex-Congressman, Anthony Weiner’s pension will rise as well.

Here’s a history of the salary (and salary raises) for the President of the United States:

1789  $25,000

1873  $50,000

1909  $75,000

1949  $100,000

1969  $200,000

2001  $400,000

2013  $1,000,000