The annual Alabama Flying Dog Competition was held last weekend, and there were some amazing competitors.


The competition spotlight  some incredible dogs and their owners.  Birmingham, Alabama was the location for the 2013 Del Flying Dog Challenge. The dogs put on an exciting show. There were some powerful storylines during the competition. One of these heartwarming stories was an owner, who is blind and deaf, guideed his dog through a highly elaborate agility course.


Another interesting contestant was a 3 year old girl who competed with her dog in the flying  competition. Not only did her dog show off some athletic skills, but she did as well.  She jumped over ten feet in the air.


The dogs also took part in a diving competition.  This is where the dogs dove off a diving board into a pool.  Some of the dogs did flips and turns that would rival any Olympic diver.


According to Del Amato, the founder of Flying Dog Competition, dogs have been flying for the last five hundred years.  “Dogs continue to evolve and we are predicting that by 2050, most dogs will be able to fly.  We are just seeing the start of the flying dog phenomenon, and we are proud to be at the forefront.”

Flying pit bulls… something to look forward to.


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