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NEW YORK – Bat Boy will endorse Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillan for NY Governor.

Weekly World News’ Bat Boy, the half-bat, half-boy tabloid hero, announced today his intention to
endorse Jimmy McMillan of  The Rent is Too Damn High Party for Governor of New York.

The gubernatorial candidate has been invited to receive the official endorsement at a ceremony to coincide with Bat  Boy’s  “Going Mutant” book party slated for Oct. 25 in New York City’s East Village.

Mr. McMillan’s stand against high rent struck a chord with Bat Boy, who has vivid memories of his family’s constant  struggles to meet the outrageous and arbitrary rent increases for their home in a cave in West Virginia. Bat Boy’s life  and accomplishments since that sad day are detailed in “Going Mutant”

Bat Boy also commended the gubernatorial candidate’s stand on allowing New Yorkers to marry shoes. The boy mutant  went on the record in 2008 to oppose California’s Proposition 8 to strictly define marriage as between a man and woman  in the hope that a no vote would open the way for official recognition of the kind of inter-species unions common to his fellow mutants and shoe lovers.

Bat Boy has a long history of endorsing worthy political candidates, such as President Obama,  and causes, such as the fight  against White Nose Syndrome by Bat Conservation International, as reported by the Dallas Morning News, among others.

WWN’s recently scooped all  media with its report about the $1 billion purchase of 10,000 jetpacks for the Los Angeles police and fire departments as reported by CNN

Book Party:

About Bat Boy
Bat Boy is a half-bat and half-boy mutant who rose up from his hardscrabble origins in the caves of West Virginia to become one  of the most influential mutants in the world.

The recently published book, Going Mutant, is an intimate look at the how Bat Boy  overcome his lowly origins to become America’s favorite freedom fighter. The book also recounts some of Bat Boy’s efforts to wipe out White Nose Syndrome: .

Here’s an interview with Going Mutant author, Dr. Barry Leed: