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My rabbit ears are bent outta shape! Is Obama the President of the United States or the new American Idol? Cuz he spends more time going on television that he does running the country!

The Communist-in-Chief needs to spend less time in the Green Room and more time at the White House! I keep expecting him to show up next singing Barry Manilow songs at Mall of America.

And when he goes on TV, he’s terrible. I hear the Communist in Chief went on Johnny Carson and made fun of retarded kids going bowling or something. Hell, there’s a slow young fella with the two hearing aids who sweeps up at our Wal-Mart, and he’d be a better President at this point. After all, “being President” now seems to mean nothing but “having trouble talking and reading,” “signing pieces of paper in a funny way” and “giggling all the time.”

It’s true! The Teleprompter Kid went on 60 Minutes and giggled so much even the pinko interviewer guy asked him why he kept laughing at all his questions! So the Communist-in-Chief says back, “You have to have some gallows humor.”

Now just picture if “W” said the word “gallows” on TV. The anti-lynching lynch mob would’ve called Bush a Klansman (which they did all the time anyway).

I get the feeling even the crazy dummies who voted for the Teleprompter Kid are starting to feel stupid about it. Not because of anything he’s doing – hell, liberals love raising taxes and wasting other people’s money – but because Obama’s not such a smooth operator after all.

American pinkos voted for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and got Urkel instead!