LONDON, OH – An Ohio couple was married at a White Castle.  The young groom said, “This is the proudest moment of my life.”

Kurby and Krystal McDonald met working at White Castle.  They dated for a year before he proposed in front of a large crowd at the Ohio Renaissance Faire.  After three tries over two months she finally said yes.

Before the Bride would consent to marry she sent her suitor on a knightly quest.  To prove his worth she gave him a year and a day to travel the land in search of a better job and a home outside of his mother’s house.

This weekend the two were finally married in the fast food restaurant where they met.  Walk in service was suspended for the ceremony but the drive-through remained open.

The King and Queen of the White Castle, CEO Rick Strepler and his estranged wife Patty, were on hand to give their blessing.

The Flower Girl threw down freshly made french fries for the Bride to walk on.

Kurby McDonald later said “When I saw her coming down the aisle, for the first time I knew I was an adult.”  McDonald stood at the front of the restaurant in a home-made suit of armor dressed as the White Knight of the White Castle.  His Bride walked towards the front counter in a similarly themed off-white dress.

The lucky couple was framed on either side by the Bride’s Burger-Ladies in Waiting and the Groom’s Royal Order of Drinking Buddies.

During the service, the McDonalds presented their own vows that they wrote; each promising to “Loveth, Cherisheth, and giveth unto thee thy way right away, until the endth of time.”

After the service the Bride threw out a bouquet made of white lilies and ornamental White Castle gift cards.  One of the Royal Order of Drinking Buddies broke his collar bone diving for the bouquet, but had to give it away when told only women were allowed to keep it.

The reception featured burgers, fries, chicken tenders, a wedding cake shaped like an oversized burger, and an all-you-can-eat antacid bar.

The happy couple left the restaurant in a white ’89 Honda accord pulled by four beautiful white horses.  Well wishers threw french fries, entire burgers, and handfuls of fat from the deep fryer at the couple as they left.

When asked why they chose such an unusual wedding, the Bride’s best friend said “This is Ohio, there’s not much else to do.”

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