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I’m madder than Sirhan Sirhan at a parole hearing about all these damn Kennedys!

This week RFK Jr. said that pig farmers were “a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network.”

Well, unless pigs really can fly – into big giant buildings – I don’t get it. Something to do with that air pollution stuff. I guess I’m not as educated as all these Kennedys, with their fancy diplomas.

Then again, I’m not as accident prone as they are either. Those Kennedys best steer clear of any and all motor vehicles on land, sea and air, the way Superman needs to stay away from that kryptonite stuff.

I’ll never understand why everybody thinks those Kennedys are so wonderful. Sure, they have nice hair. But otherwise they seem pretty silly. That Princess Caroline made a heck of a fool of herself when they thought they’d make her a politician, saying “you know, you know” every other second. If having a famous last name is all it takes to get to run the country, we should at least pick “Washingtons” and “Jeffersons”.

Oh well, the Kennedys seem to be trying anyway. Ted’s fattened himself up so he’ll float next time. And one of the girls married The Terminator so’s to try to breed ‘em bulletproof from now on.

Otherwise I reckon they’d better quit making fun of farmers and other hard working, God-fearing Americans. It’s a good thing all the Kennedy’s nannies and maids can’t read English or we’d have a riot on our hands!