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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Chaos Cloud has made another appearance in a U.S. state, this time descending upon Indiana.

The Cloud was not witnessed moving from its last target of Toledo, Ohio, either visually or by radar. However, it was spotted by early-risers hovering over Indianapolis, occluding the pre-dawn stars.

Ethan Madd, a city sanitation worker, told Weekly World News, “I have to get up at 4am to make my 5 o’clock shift. I opened up my blinds and I’ll be damned if I didn’t see a big grumpy face coming right out of the sky!”

It is unclear what the Chaos Cloud wants.  Ohio and Indiana are in very close proximity, but some fear it may be a stronger connection than that.

“Ohio’s a swing state, we’re a swing state…” said Mayor Greg Ballard. “Who knows what the Cloud is after, but it should rest assured that we will be following voting protocol exactly!”

Weekly World News will continue to investigate this phenomenon of the Chaos Cloud’s appearances prior to its prophesized 2014 touchdown.