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NEW YORK, NY – In honor of today’s auction of Elvis memorabilia, we present you the classic Weekly World News expose that we still stand by: The King’s Tomb is empty!

That’s the word from famed seer Dr. Andy Reiss, who conducted a psychic investigation of Presley’s alleged burial site and concluded that the body is missing. “Elvis isn’t at Graceland. He’s not even in Memphis,” said Dr. Reiss of Los Angeles. “People were led to believe that he was buried there but it was a ruse designed to keep them in the dark.”

“It’s more than a gut feeling. I psychically sense the truth of this. The King is much closer to his birthplace in Tupelo, Miss. There’s no doubt about it.”

Dr. Reiss’ blockbuster revelation is sure to send shock waves around the world as fans come to grips with the fact that Presley’s 1977 burial might have been a hoax.

It also opens up five intriguing possibilities:

Possibility 1: Elvis faked his death and is still alive. Author Gail Georgio theorized as much in her 1988 book, The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told. In it she argued that the singer faked his death because superstardom had made his life a living hell. Thousands of people claimed to have seen The King in the weeks and months that followed. But their accounts and a few blurry photos of Elvis were never authenticated.

Possibility 2: Elvis is buried in a hidden or unmarked grave in or near Tupelo. During his psychic investigation of Presley’s tomb, Dr. Reiss sensed that The King was in or near Tupelo. It stands to reason that he could be buried there because Tupelo is his place of birth.

Possibility 3: Elvis was resurrected from the dead and taken directly to heaven. And though it may sound farfetched, there is compelling evidence to support this theory. Since the King died or disappeared in 1977, thousands of fans claim to have been healed after they mentioned his name in prayers, meditated over his picture or came face-to-face with his spirit.

Possibility 4: Elvis faked his death and traveled incognito for 12 years before he perished in a plane crash in Bolivia on Jan. 2, 1989. Longtime friend and confidante Jaime Chacon told the story last winter. But exhaustive efforts by Weekly World News and other media failed to uncover any hard evidence beyond Chacon’s word to support the story.

Possibility 5: The King’s remains were stolen.