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English: Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of...

Sources inside the U.S. Supreme Court are saying that Clarence Thomas plans to retire in June of this year.

The news shocked Washington DC and has caused panic among Republicans, who feel that President Obama will pick a far-left liberal judge to replace Clarence Thomas and thus giving the court a liberal advantage.


Justice Thomas wants to dedicate himself to helping eradicate poverty in black communities across the country and has started a non-profit organization – Thomas Cares – to help impoverished black youth.

Supreme Court Justice Thomas said he is heartbroken over the persistent poverty and social troubles among many black communities.  He feels that he can help his people in more significant ways running a non-profit organization, rather than being a Supreme Court Justice.

Here is Thomas with his wife:


Thomas spoke to an appreciative audience at Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh. The crowd of about 1,200 people responded with both applause and laughter as he discussed politics, the makeup of the Supreme Court, race, and his own struggles to find his path in life.

Thomas said he’s seen terrible decline in some black communities over the years and today “virtually every crime is drug related.” Many young people have no families and no education and numerous anti-poverty programs have failed to make a difference, he said.

“We should at least fess up and say something is wrong,” Thomas said.


The White House was quick to accept Justice Thomas’s resignation.   “We accept his resignation and hope that he will leave as soon as humanly possible,” said an insider at the White House.

According to sources, President Obama plans to nominate either Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court.