A German-born mom is making headlines for embracing her beard.  And now every woman wants one!

Mariam’s thick beard is all natural. “It just came in and I kept it,” she said during an interview WWN. Instead of shaving, she simply “shortens” the ends to keep herself looking well-groomed, because “If it gets too long, it’s a bit frizzy.”

Mariam—who is of German and Iranian decent—didn’t immediately embrace her facial hair. She says that it began growing in soon after the birth of her son, when she was about 21 years old. Ten years later, it was so thick that she would have a full beard if she didn’t tweeze each hair out every morning. It would take her hours to get ready to leave the house, she was so obsessed with pulling out every hair.


“My chin got really red and inflamed from all the plucking, and some of the hairs were ingrown, so it always looked like I’d fallen on my chin,” she said.” “But when people asked what had happened and I told them they couldn’t believe it.”

She tried electrolysis three times, “but it just grew back,” she confided on the morning talk show. She worried that shaving or waxing would just cause the hair to grow in thicker and darker. She talked to her doctors, who ruled out serious medical problems and reassured her that “it happened to lots of other women, so I shouldn’t worry,” she remembered. “But they didn’t really give me a reason.”


Nearly five years ago, she decided to stop plucking and just let the hair grow.

“One day I realized that the hair on my chin belongs to my body and that it should be there,” she explained on her blog. “On 6th August 2008, I stopped plucking my facial hair and saw the whole thing as a experiment. What would happen if I let myself be who I really am?”

Now – woman across the world are following in her footsteps.  Here’s a woman helping to set the “bearded lady” trend:



Here’s some of the other women falling in love with their own facial hair:









However, some women, no matter how they try, can never seem to grow a beard:



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