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President Obama reportedly wants to adopt China’s one-child policy for the United States.

President Obama met with Congressional leaders over the weekend to talk about establishing a one-child policy, in which each family would be allowed to have only one child.  If a family chooses to have a second child (or more) than will be subject to a stiff tax penalty.  The penalty the President was reportedly discussing was – $50,000.

There was outrage across the country about the proposal, with many saying President Obama is now a dictator and is trying to take away freedom from Americans.  But White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, moved quickly to calm fears.  “Look, Americans can still chose to have more than one child, but there is just a tax to go along with the second child.  This is no different than taxing a person more for a bigger house or for making more money. If you want more children, you will have to pay the government.”


Carney was quick to point out that the President will write the executive order in a way that allows a family to have two children IF the first child is a girl.  “If you get a girl as your first baby, then you can have another baby – free of tax.   But if you have a boy first, well then you will have to pay a tax for the second baby.”


The White House reportedly admires what China has done with its one-child policy.  “Overpopulation is still a big problem for a our planet, and we feel that responsible countries like China, are doing their part to help control population growth,” said a White House spokesperson. “In addition, if Americans have fewer babies, than we can accommodate more immigrants from Mexico and Latin America.”

Hispanics and African-Americans are exempt from the new policy.


Republicans vow to mount a all-out war against Obama’s one-child policy, but the White House told WWN that “it doesn’t matter what the Republicans do, the policy will take place on January 1st, 2014.”