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President Obama is beginning the process to amend the Constitution to allow him to run for a third term.

WWN learned that the White House and President Obama’s campaign machine have a “foolproof” plan for the President to successfully achieve a third (and perhaps a fourth) term in office.


“President Obama only faces opposition in the House,”  a White House insider told WWN.  “Barack plans to divide the Republicans in the House and so weaken them that in 2014, the Democrats will once again be the majority.  After that he will introduce an amendment to repeal the 22nd amendment, which limits the President’s term in office.”

Chris Matthews of CNBC is already pushing the idea and said on the air that he thinks Obama will successfully pass an amendment doing away with the 22nd Amendment.


Many in Washington feel that if President Obama can get the amendment on the docket, he can successfully get two-thirds of the states to ratify it.  “The President is extremely confident that he can get the necessary states to ratify the amendment and then he can run for office in 2016 and 20120.”

Sources say that President Obama believes that his plan is already working.  The Republicans in Congress are having a Civil War over the Fiscal Cliff.   “President Obama’s master plan is working,” reportedly said top adviser, David Axelrod.


President Obama has long felt that the 22nd Amendment was put in place in a hasty manner and only in response to FDR’s death.  “The amendment is ridiculous.  There are no Congressional term limits, why should there be a Presidential term limit?” said Axelrod.

Republicans are furious that the President would even contemplate this idea.   A number of groups are already pulling out the old buttons:


Overturning the amendment would require a two-thirds vote by both chambers of Congress, followed by ratification of the proposal by 38 states.   The White House predicts this will happen in 2015.