President Obama is beginning the process to amend the Constitution to allow him to run for a third term.
WWN learned that the White House and President Obama’s campaign machine have a “foolproof” plan for the President to successfully achieve a third (and perhaps a fourth) term in office.


“President Obama only faces opposition in the House,”  a White House insider told WWN.  “Barack plans to divide the Republicans in the House and so weaken them that in 2014, the Democrats will once again be the majority.  After that he will introduce an amendment to repeal the 22nd amendment, which limits the President’s term in office.”
Chris Matthews of CNBC is already pushing the idea and said on the air that he thinks Obama will successfully pass an amendment doing away with the 22nd Amendment.


Many in Washington feel that if President Obama can get the amendment on the docket, he can successfully get two-thirds of the states to ratify it.  “The President is extremely confident that he can get the necessary states to ratify the amendment and then he can run for office in 2016 and 20120.”
Sources say that President Obama believes that his plan is already working.  The Republicans in Congress are having a Civil War over the Fiscal Cliff.   “President Obama’s master plan is working,” reportedly said top adviser, David Axelrod.


President Obama has long felt that the 22nd Amendment was put in place in a hasty manner and only in response to FDR’s death.  “The amendment is ridiculous.  There are no Congressional term limits, why should there be a Presidential term limit?” said Axelrod.
Republicans are furious that the President would even contemplate this idea.   A number of groups are already pulling out the old buttons:


Overturning the amendment would require a two-thirds vote by both chambers of Congress, followed by ratification of the proposal by 38 states.   The White House predicts this will happen in 2015.

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  1. Whether true or not, if a president cannot have a third term then neither should the congress. I'm not about to give a White House another so I guess you know my feeling. Per the instructions in our own Constitution, replace them all (paraphrased)!
    Stop being so complacent. Get involved!

  2. I will turn that around the other way.. Consider this? Who levies taxes, spends monies, writes laws? So I ask, with exception of a few things, where is the power? Can we get Congress to impose term limits on itself? That's far more productive than a sitting President.
    But, for the good of the country, stop reading, writing and stirring this crap… Lets get in focus with the prob… Next election VOTE OUT CONGRESS. OUT WITH ALL THE OLD POWER POLITICS.

    • That's a great idea, but make sure to vote out the Senate too! They are worse, or is it just that they have a Democrat majority so you're not interested?

  3. If President Obama thinks he has a foolproof way of amending the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution to allow him to run for a 3rd term he is flawed in his thinking. There are two reasons why this will not happen. One reason is the Republicans and the second one is time. Even if the Democrats get control of both houses of Congress in the mid-term elections in 2014 they will not have a 2/3 majority so they will need some Republicans to vote for the issue. With not a single Republican voting for the President's stimulus plan in 2010 and Obamacare, it is highly unlikely that any Republican will vote for the changing the 22nd Amendment. So it is unlikely even to get through Congress. Also 23 states have Republican governors and in both upper and lower chambers are controlled by the Republicans. The other issue is time. It took nearly four years for 38 states to ratify the 22nd Amendment. Who ever dreamed up this theory isn’t too intelligent. It simply will not work.

    • He will win. He has already started collecting donations. There were two links to do so on the White House page showing the video of his speech in Newtown. I may still have the screen shot I took of the page. He is well on his way. If he doesn't succeed by upturning the Constitution he will just abolish the government and make himself king. We can stop him?? I doubt it. Many people will no longer have guns. We sure can't beat off his soldiers with sticks and stones. We don't have enough power to overturn him. We couldn't this past Nov. If he can't get the votes he makes them up.

    • Being a conservative myself, if we have to rely on republicans…the same 20 million who did not vote…then we are screwed._

    • I don't even think Obama will try to do the Constitution Convention route. He will just use his new executive orders that no one has seriously opposed and get rid of the 22nd Amendment that way.

  4. Seriously?!?! Simply put…he(Obams) time,and time again has failed to do what one one the most important and obvious responsibilities of the President of thenUnited States of America has,and that is to serve the people by defending the Constitution. He instead,seeks to mock it,and to change it to suite his egotistical fancies. This is extremely serious business,if indeed there is any glimmer of truth to this all.

  5. Obama WILL be the first 3rd term president, and NOT by election nor constitution change. He will capitalize on an executive order and mandate Marshal Law to "keep the peace" from a homeland terrorist act or similar…watch & see his personality change now that he doesn't need elections and seeks new world order leadership position…Jesus come quickly!"

    • Yeah just like President Clinton did back in 2000 declaring martial law because of Y2K..
      Of course that will not happen.

    • Um, we already had a 4-term President – Franklin Roosevelt (FDR). That's why the 22nd amendment was passed. But hey, why let history and facts get in the way of a good story/fantasy?

  6. Any 3rd term with this Tyrant would create an uproar like we have never seen, congress knows it and it will not fly, hands down

  7. I wish eveyone would wake up i dont know if this will happen but we need to all start thinking before we vote people in to office seriously we voted a man in who woudnt even put his hand over his heart for the singing of the national anthem a man who mocks christ a man who is most definetly muslum and someone we cant even be sure is an american citizen if we keep this up we will wined up voting in an antichrist may god help us all hopefully we havent already

  8. It takes 3/4 of the states to ratify, not 2/3 like the article. It is later correctly stated as 38 states needed. Apparently the author of the article did not make it past fractions in grade school. Goes to show his credibility on the entire subject.

  9. The People of this country need to wake up to this issue,that the 1 percent with all the money are going to enslave us under them! Back in Chicago in '06 i was told that Obama was to be our next President! Plans laid out years in advance. Open Book!,never voted for him! Can't Bullsh*t a Bullsh*ter!!! Lord Has It All Under Control!!!!

    • I see "they" are running scared already. I hope and pray that Obama runs…..'cause he is a sure winner.

  10. Bill "Congress" is the common name of our Bicameral system, it is a system made up of two equal branches of the Legislature, Congress is made up of The House of Representatives, and the Senate. Many I am sure fail to know the difference these days due to the tricks played by the Media, When the House is majority Republican it is referred to as Congress which lays the dismal poll numbers of Congress seem to be an indictment of the Republicans. Easy mistake to make since we have a corrupt News Media. Honest Journalists would use the proper terms and educate the population!

  11. Doesn't matter what he does because with the poor ALL of Washington is doing they all stand to be thrown out. People would have to be crazy to elect him again or any of the others as well they are allowing a anti business anti worker anti job country to be formed in essences destroying all of us. Private impartial investigation reveals they been working to do this for over 40 years. CLEAN HOUSE

  12. People would have to be crazy to elect him again or any of the others as well they are allowing a anti business anti worker anti job country to be formed in essences destroying all of us. very informative article !!

  13. Hence the government buying extremely large amounts of ammunition, guns, souped up combat vehicles, meals ready to eat etc. etc. etc.

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